Whatever sets you apart , sets you up .




Let’s see .

What does worry do?

Nothing changes,

But the journey continues.

Wisdom V/S Worry ?

Well , Wisdom says to drop the worry and enjoy the journey .

You might just be surprised at where you end up !

And once you know , #resistNot

But that’s another post 😊



There will never be another you or another me .

God doesn’t do duplicates .

He is One .

There obviously never was and never will be another Him .

And because we are in Him ?

There will never be another you or another me .

Celebrate your unique , true , authentic , one of a kind , ” in a class all by yourself ” self today !

Your fingerprints , your style , your voice , your hair , your appearance, your persona , your moral compass , your destiny , YOU yourself , the Designer’s Original that you are — can never be duplicated .

There never was

There isn’t

And there will NEVER be another you

Past , Present , Future .

I pray we squeeze the life out of our life and bring honour to The Life that was humbly laid down for ours .

Glory !



I often thought about the Biblical phrase , ” my cup runs over “.

And what does that even mean ?

I mean practically .

I believe when God says , ” Love The Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind and all your strength ” 

He means it .

Followed by , ” Love your neighbour as yourself ”

… as yourself .

I believe God calls us to love Him first , and from an intimate , vertical relationship with Him ; draw forth a healthy and abundant love of ourselves , and from the ” overflow ” of that ?

Let the cup run over , thereby gracing us to authentically love and serve the people of God.

Love Him.

Love you .

Love them .

Amen .