If you love Jesus , you will love this !
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# Shadow Step
From Hillsong United new album #WONDER 🌎



’tistheseasontosoakyourselfinworship 🎤🎸🎻
#Hillsong United
The best music ever to have on your speakers as you do up your tree , your home , your all !!
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One of the most anointed , heart warming performances of all time !
” As it is in Heaven , So let it be ”

the heart of a worshipper ..❤️️

this song is a reminder that we all , even the best of us , have times when it seems the fight is lost , we have reached the cliched ” end of the rope ” and tying a knot to hang on just isn’t worth the while . We all come to a point where we have hit a wall , a dead end and our own finite mind with it’s routinely strategies just isn’t working for us anymore . Neither is our Faith. Is God listening ? Has He forgotten ? Is He intimidated by the sudden turn of events ?

Of course not !

its a trial , a test of your faith ; and He is Sovereign.

Sometimes , our testimony is not an absolute recovery from an illness , an absolute abundance of finances , or an absolute reconciliation of a relationship. He alone is the Only Absolute . Sometimes our greatest testimony lies in our relentless faith even when the medical report doesn’t look good , the bank account is depleting , or the marriage is on the rocks . It is that pursuit of faith , of knowing as Scripture itself promises , ” God works all things together for the good of those that love The Lord , that are the called according to His Purpose ” , that ushers in His Glorious Presence in the midst of the tempest , revealing to us yet another dimension of His Glory and Graciousness , seemingly new but all so familiar .

I pray that as you tune in your senses to worship the Most High with this song called , ” Even when it hurts ” by leading Australian music band , ” Hillsong United ” , you have a personal God encounter and that He whispers solace , love and comfort to your soul ; and an “absolute” Promise of Victory and Deliverance.

All my love.