When faced with opposition , the first thing I’ve learnt to ask Him is ,

” Who can stand against You ” ?

The question is , in itself , the answer .

Amen .




The Breath in my breath

The Freedom in my depths

The Spring in my step

The Beat in my heart

The Light in my eyes

The Hope in my soul

The Song on my lips

The Peace in my midst

The Grace on my life

The Love in my core

To say the least .

That’s God to me .


V-Day Revelation

I pray we realise that whatever we are a part of ; family , company , charitable organisations, relationships, marriage and the list is seemingly endless ;

that we are rooted , grounded and built up enough in ” who we are in God ” , deriving our Identity as Sons and Daughters of The King , knowing that our “do” is not our “who”

so that ,

whatever it is that we are a part of ?

Has value because of us .

We don’t have value because of ” it ” .

Whatever that ” it” maybe .

I pray we are humble yet confident enough to walk into that business meeting , that boardroom , that studio , that classroom ,that clinic,  that whatever it is that forms a part of your world ,

as Sons or Daughters of The King ,

Fully aware of our Spiritual Identity and Inheritance in Him.

As Children of Light ?

We don’t have value because of things .

Things have value because of US !

Hallelujah !


It’s Christmas Eve

It’s that time of the year again .

Time went by , way too swiftly !

However , as this season , jolly and festive as it is , marks  the end of a year ; it simultaneously marks the beginning of another !

I felt a nudge to really put it into the atmosphere that as you take in the festivities and the gifts , the prayers and the blessings ;

Remember you are Valued , Chosen , made on purpose : for a Purpose.

Renew your sense of Identity as you step into another legendary year of your life ; and even if you did have a rather challenging year  , give yourself a pat on the back , because YOU ARE STILL STANDING!

My prayer is that all the tears and sweat of the year past are beautifully translated into fruit and abundance in the year to come . May you gain new ground , explore uncharted territory and birth everything God put into your spirit!

Remain secure in who you are , fully receiving the Truth that your ” do” is not your “who” .

And your ” who” is something of Eternal value that no one , absolutely no one can take away from you !

Be Authentic ❗️Run your race 🏁