Whatever sets you apart , sets you up .




Something a dear friend shared and I do feel , in the fast paced , comparison oriented world we live in ,
A gentle reminder like this is pure bliss ~
Stay blessed !

Melting Pot

Is what I am .

Not wanting this to be a narcissistic post ,

Stay with me .

A kid born into the defence forces ,  safe to say I have always considered myself a transient , nomadic soul .

As soon as we would get ” comfortable ” in one place , off we were to another adventure! Another topography, another culture , another people .

Another start .

Today as I look back , I have Revelation in Retrospect .

I count it a pure privilege to be able to travel the way I did ,  across the length and breadth of my country , from the mountains and the peaks to the plains and the plateaus ; not only was I blessed to see it all , but also live it all .

To be able to blend in , yet stand out .

To be able to learn , yet stand firm .

To be able to imbibe , yet inspire .

Is how I grew .

So thankful.

Though this is not a post about a nostalgic childhood , but one that seeks to encourage everyone to be pliable enough to let life take you where it intends for you to go , embracing each step of the journey as a walk to arriving at being a melting pot of various influences and lessons , aspirations and inspirations , dreams and fantasies. 

To spur you to tread uncharted waters. 

To follow your heart and allow yourself the rare gift of being astonished at where it takes you.

To be all embracing .

To nurture a broad and generous spirit .

To be true to yourself and to your potential .

To trust life .

To appreciate , that even as you read this , at this very moment in the history of your life , you already ARE a ” Melting Pot ” , of experiences and journeys that are unique to you and tailor made for your authentic Destiny to play out in the World , and in fact , before all the World.

To break down the walls and break open the gates .

To soak in and let go .

To inhale and exhale .

To take in and to contribute.

A Melting Pot in a divinely orchestrated cosmos , you have a role that is so representative of you that it even has your unique finger prints on it !

Think about that .

There was never , is not , and never will be another YOU !

Through school bullying and partying ,

Break ups and Graduation ceremonies,

Weddings and baby showers ,

Job promotions and business ventures ,

Learning to parent and leading an organisation,

An abrupt end and a refreshing start ,

You have stood the test of time and are STILL standing ! You are not just a testimony to the power of faith , you have become a melting pot that is infinitely vast and rich in the treasure it holds , and the Treasure that holds you .



Uncanny how this quote has been popping up in my face the past couple of days , not one way , then another !
So I felt obligated to share !!

Tonight as I type on , I pray with all fervency of Spirit , that we , as a people , are able to embrace our own unique strengths , gifts , calls , have the humility to remain in our sphere of Grace , be thankful for what we are and who we are , trust our weaknesses with Him ; edify , exhort and build up one another , be spiritually mature enough to celebrate each other’s successes as opposed to falling prey to the temptations of envy , jealousy and strife ;
And together create a World where each Child of the Most High is cherished , and gracefully led to undertake journeys of spiritual transformation ;
Not because we are not enough ,
But because , through Him ?
We are More than enough .
All my love and prayers across ,


Dunamis of a Speaker and a strong Champion for women , her new book # WITHOUT RIVAL is a powerful endeavour to help people IDENTIFY first , themselves and who they are , away from the noise and confusion of society ; and as a result of that , experience a revelation of what their specific , unique, CALLING on Earth is #WITHOUT RIVAL
I have seen about two podcasts , and highly recommend the book to anyone ( and that practically includes all of us !! ) searching for their unique call in the Earth .
As she says …. ” we need you to be your God created you that has NO RIVAL ”
So let’s get the job done folks !!