When can one say one has had a God Encounter ?

When mind cannot fathom and words cannot articulate ?

You’ve just had one .

Amen .



What I learnt in 2016 

Is that God is a Non Conformist .

A life of Faith is an absolute adventure.

We are indeed ” fearfully and wonderfully made ” .

Spontaneity is a gift .

Colouring outside the lines is what makes our child like hearts come alive .

Underestimating the power of a seed that God puts in our hands is vain conceit .

Every experience counts and God uses ” all things ” : the good , the bad , the ugly . 

The infinite power of worship words cannot do justice to .

Guilt is not of God . Grace is .

Angels guard us . Always .

There is power in Praise .

Humility and a generous spirit will open doors like nothing else can .

Eyes focussed on The One that truly matters are pretty.

Comparison is a waste of energy and time .

Authenticity does not have a counterfeit .

Living out our own unique testimony is taking back our power.

Loving ourselves exactly as we are , and staying open to growth are not dichotomous.

Our “do” is not our ” who ” .

Going to the altar is our first line of defence and not our last resort .

Scars are a sign of victory , not defeat #Christine Caine .

God is Faithful .

Revelation is more potent  than information .

Creativity is a wild beast .

Listen to your gut. Even when it doesn’t make sense .

You live life forwards but understand it backwards #Joyce Meyer.

Unfathomable is the power of The Word .

Expanding Kingdom Purposes is the very reason we were put on The Planet and yes , it’s a full time job !

Christmas is the best time of the year .

Seasons change .

Eagles don’t avoid the storm .  They soar above it .

” Faith ” is spelled ” R-I-S-K” , but “risk” is not spelt ” S-T-U-P-I-D” #Brian Houston

Hillsong United is , by far , the best Worship Band in the world .

Anointing over qualification : any day !

There is salvation in meditation. Not in the cell phone .

God is interested in transforming our heart and not merely changing our behaviour .

Because He is Able , we are able .

It’s okay to want a break .

When we do  it for the right reasons , Heaven’s resources back us up .

Daisaku Ikeda is a life mentor par excellence.

Infinite is our potential.

I phone is better than Android .

New year is more than a celebration . It is a prayerful resolve .

Gratitude is intentional.

Faith is colossal .

Love  is a force to be reckoned with .

And so are we .



Passion , I believe , is a necessity . Not a luxury .

Whether we think of regular, every day tasks such as taking your dog out for a walk , tossing up those vegetables for breakfast , praying your best morning prayer ; or more conspicuous things like pursuing that dream career , that God given business venture or relationship ;

It will have a different connotation to it , if you do it with PASSION, with fervour. 

Not because you have to do it .

But because you WANT to do it .

That , to me , is the core meaning of “passion”.

Ardour . Intensity. Zeal . Zest . Fervour . Enthusiasm. Vigour . Fire. Spirit . 

One fantastic term summarises it all : Passion , the Hebrew word for which is ” cleave”.

Strong word there .

To cleave is as much to “join with” as to ” separate ” , as much to unite as to rend , as much as to hold on to as to severe . Yes , it’s a hybrid of both . 

Taking another look  at this now .

Students with “passion ” cleave to their dreams and are willing to travel the world in their quest , but at the same time also cleave their attachment to their homes ; 

Newly weds strive to cleave to one another , while simultaneously, cleave their devotion to family; 

Entrepreneurs cleave to their ideals and pursuits , and concurrently cleave all need for validation .

Mothers cleave to their household responsibilities in the name of Love , and at the same time , cleave all sense of selfishness. 

Soldiers go to war and battle on the front lines , cleaving to their allegiance to the National Flag , and simultaneously cleaving all regard for the preservation of the self . 

We see a pattern here , don’t we ?

Passion causes a contradiction ; a strange , mysterious , almost poetic dichotomy .

A warm embrace and a violent tear .

At the same time .

Which further implores me to say :

Passion is a Challenge .

The question is :

Will you take it ?



Is the only constant.

We can avoid it, minimise it, hide it or even try to run from it. But it’s there . And the sooner we embrace the beauty of evolution, the better our chances at being able to tackle every challenge head on .

I often felt afraid of evolution till I learnt that just because you are evolving  does not imply that you are doing away with your old self ; in truth , you are simply taking that person with you and becoming a better and Higher Version of yourself.

Now that liberated me, thereby transforming my understanding of evolution or change.

Being in a state of flux can , at times , be slightly disconcerting . But as we realise that we are constantly changing from Faith to Faith and Strength to Strength ; it takes the pressure off, enabling us to fully participate in the process and enjoy each moment of the metamorphosis. The end result is Beautiful , we all know that ; but let’s not forget that we are also beautiful right this very moment .. just as we are … flawed and all , and yet thriving . That is beauty in itself , and worthy of applause.

So today , take a moment and give yourself a pat on the back for the fearfully and wonderfully made person you are . Ever changing yet steadfast, growing yet all embracing ; imperfect , and in that a perfect creation of The Most High.