When can one say one has had a God Encounter ?

When mind cannot fathom and words cannot articulate ?

You’ve just had one .

Amen .




The Breath in my breath

The Freedom in my depths

The Spring in my step

The Beat in my heart

The Light in my eyes

The Hope in my soul

The Song on my lips

The Peace in my midst

The Grace on my life

The Love in my core

To say the least .

That’s God to me .



I often thought about the Biblical phrase , ” my cup runs over “.

And what does that even mean ?

I mean practically .

I believe when God says , ” Love The Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind and all your strength ” 

He means it .

Followed by , ” Love your neighbour as yourself ”

… as yourself .

I believe God calls us to love Him first , and from an intimate , vertical relationship with Him ; draw forth a healthy and abundant love of ourselves , and from the ” overflow ” of that ?

Let the cup run over , thereby gracing us to authentically love and serve the people of God.

Love Him.

Love you .

Love them .

Amen .



That breakup was an outrageous blue.

That dream come true was a vibrant green.

That job you tried for when God had a business purposed for you all along  ? It was a stark red .

That girls night out was a flamboyant magenta.

That unexpected encounter with a ” stranger ” was a delightful pink blush. 

That voyage to Miami was a wondrous aquamarine . 

That safari experience in the South African wilderness amidst the paradox of the presence of predators and peace , a simultaneous oxymoronic reality ; it was a daring mahogany . 

That pilgrimage to the cryptic pyramids of Egypt was an enigmatic champagne. 

That loss of your loved one was a devastating , somber shade of stone . 

That renewal of your life purpose with a passion and intensity you had never known before was a tenacious cardinal . 

That first date was a naive rouge .

That day your best friend married her “mate ” was a nervous shade of flamingo .

That college graduation was a grateful tone of mauve . 

That academic excellence you pursued was a proud fuscia .

That divinely orchestrated career transition was an impeccable tint of clear crystal .

That  embarkment on your odyssey towards self actualisation was an eagerly awaited sapphire . 

That desire to spark your creativity   and artistry was a vivid crimson .

That  bizarre interest in aliens and the outer space that seemed to spring up from nowhere , was a definite black diamond .

That  trip half way around the globe to Japan to meet your mentor , whom you earnestly followed in publications , was an extraordinary hue of indigo . 

That miraculous healing of Haemophilia was a triumphant shade of blood . 

That high school reunion was a nostalgic yellow. 

That first day you attended Church was a divinely ordained hue of wine .

That day you realised your Life Purpose , Soul Mission and Divine Call was an introspective hue of the Arctic .

Life , by virtue of being in constant motion , calls for different experiences , different hues : rich in diversity , but unified in the One ,  integrated solitary Purpose of evolving us into the Highest and Best Version of ourselves.

The commitment that we have towards  life , parallels life’s commitment to us : to grow us , stretch us and strengthen our stakes by exposing us to such a divergent string of experiences , each experience , a different hue ; that life itself becomes a delightful thread deftly weaving it’s way through diverse circumstances , some somber , some vibrant ; such that , in the end what we witness is a rich tapestry of the art that is life itself.



the heart of a worshipper ..❤️️

this song is a reminder that we all , even the best of us , have times when it seems the fight is lost , we have reached the cliched ” end of the rope ” and tying a knot to hang on just isn’t worth the while . We all come to a point where we have hit a wall , a dead end and our own finite mind with it’s routinely strategies just isn’t working for us anymore . Neither is our Faith. Is God listening ? Has He forgotten ? Is He intimidated by the sudden turn of events ?

Of course not !

its a trial , a test of your faith ; and He is Sovereign.

Sometimes , our testimony is not an absolute recovery from an illness , an absolute abundance of finances , or an absolute reconciliation of a relationship. He alone is the Only Absolute . Sometimes our greatest testimony lies in our relentless faith even when the medical report doesn’t look good , the bank account is depleting , or the marriage is on the rocks . It is that pursuit of faith , of knowing as Scripture itself promises , ” God works all things together for the good of those that love The Lord , that are the called according to His Purpose ” , that ushers in His Glorious Presence in the midst of the tempest , revealing to us yet another dimension of His Glory and Graciousness , seemingly new but all so familiar .

I pray that as you tune in your senses to worship the Most High with this song called , ” Even when it hurts ” by leading Australian music band , ” Hillsong United ” , you have a personal God encounter and that He whispers solace , love and comfort to your soul ; and an “absolute” Promise of Victory and Deliverance.

All my love.