# A21

The legacy of A21 : Freedom

27 million human slaves on the Planet .

Dozens of traffickers put in jail .

Hundreds of girls rescued .

The largest anti human trafficking organisation in the world , A21 , was founded by Christine and Nick Caine  ; amidst all evidence from ” experts ” strongly dissuading them to start it , saying it would be “IMPOSSIBLE ” to found it in a place like Thessaloniki , Greece .

Someone knew better .

Chris responded with a resounding , ” what is impossible with man is possible with God ” and that they were ” well able ” to do it .

Faith .

Obedience .

To the still small voice on the inside of you that will often ask of you to do things when all evidence seems to the contrary .

That is the power of Hope .

Today A21 is actively engaged in rescuing and rehabilitating girls from all parts of the world , has defied human logic from the get go and set a trailblazing example of not only humanism , but faith that gives rise to it and sustains the courage to follow through .

27 million slaves .

Something I’ve come to learn from Chris ,

” Numbers can be dehumanising and desensitising ”

27 million slaves didn’t even strike a chord with my compassion fatigued , numb brain .

She went on .

Put a face and a name to each number .

The story changes .

And only one thought I’m left with tonight :

” God’s Daughters are NOT for sale ”

Amen .



God is seldom early , but He is never late

Omniscient & Omnipresent , Creative and Caring ; the Master who made you will not fail nor falter .

It’s not in His DNA .

Whatever it is that we believe for in our lives , individually and corporately , He may not come when you want Him to come , but hey ! Keep the faith .

He is always on time .

In big things , in small things .

Let’s break this down .

Just when you were on the verge of tossing that article in the bin , He spoke a Word into your spirit that served to not only produce a delightful plethora of emotions and experiences, but also emerged as a strong testimony to the creative power of words .

Just when you gave into the temptation of having that chocolate mousse pie on the last day of your special weight loss diet , He nudged you , you did obey  and you were redeemed . 

Just when you almost caved into that ungodly relationship , He gave you a Revelation of Truth in Spirit , and seemingly “unknowingly” , you chose not death , but Life .

Just when you thought your dream would probably not see the light of day , he opened up the windows of Heaven and True to His Word , indeed proved to be the ” provision for your vision ” .

Just when you swore this was your last round of Hail Mary’s for the absolute recovery of that loved one who had fallen prey to the dreaded C-word : Cancer ; guess what ? something in your spirit didn’t let you give up , you did go through , and with you , so did your friend . 

Just when you thought you would never conceive a child , and after much wrestling with Him , finally decided to open up your heart and adopt that gorgeous blue eyed baby boy ; a miracle ! Not only did He transform your heart into one willing to love another’s child ( now your own ) but also blessed you with a natural conception the night prior to bringing your precious ” chosen ” one home .

Just when you thought He would never bring a spouse into your life and finally not only made peace with but even learned to find abundant joy in your whole , single life ; bam ! You met him . Through Him .

And we could go on ..

Bottom line ?

Whatever it is that seems like a battle , a tussle , a fight , a test of faith ; wait it out and wait upon Him , as Scripture says .

In my experience, He is not merely interested in getting us  “things” ( though He does take note ! ) but is infinitely more interested in transforming the spiritual condition of our hearts in the process , stretching us , growing us , maturing us into well developed , seasoned individuals that have not only evolved into higher levels of resilience and faith , but have the gratitude and the humility to give Him ALL the Glory , when The Promise does come to pass , when you ARE Delivered , when you ARE Redeemed , when you do have another go at life and basically , when you have lived long enough in Faith to testify :

God is seldom early , but He is never late .



A student at the University of Hard Knocks ,

I am obviously a product of Grace . And my suspicion deep down , is that you are too.


A term so profound yet so commonly cliched  in conversations tainted with the insecurities and anxieties of the human flesh .

” I was saved by the Grace of God ”

” My marriage was reconciled by Grace ”

” Cancer would have taken me out but for the Grace that saved me ”

” a wretched sinner I was , but for the Grace that blessed me with a new life ”

And on and on we go … the list is endless!

So what is Grace ?

Plainly put , Grace is the power of The Most High to enable and empower us to do with ease what we could never otherwise accomplish in our own strength .

That’s it .

It was a Grace to even articulate that !

Ok. Jokes apart .

Grace , my friends , is your Best Friend Forever .

There have been times in my life when I have had such startling Destiny moments , completely unpremeditated and obviously Divinely Orchestrated , that despite my unbelief , I had to look to the Heavens and acknowledge that I was indeed saved by Grace .

Metaphorically, let’s see :

I did not plan that “chance encounter ” , but it changed my life forever .


I did not deserve that promotion at work when my subordinate was putting in more hours than me.


I had less than 1% chances of recovery from the widely dreaded motor neuron disease.

Guess what?

Grace .

Your undeserved favour .

Your unmerited privilege . 

Your gift from your Father .

A Testimony to His Unfathomable Love for  you .

What you could not make happen in your own strength , He will make happen in His Grace .

Look back at your own life .

What you felt you could not endure ; that painful , heart breaking, gut wrenchingly hard season in your life ? But you made it somehow ?

Grace .

Yes , you had the will , the resilience, the tenacity and the wisdom ; but there was a Grace for you to walk those gifts out and power through !

Friends ,

Grace is Power .

Grace is Freedom.

Grace takes the pressure off you .

You feel you don’t measure up , are way too flawed to be used by Him , or struggle with feeling unworthy and imperfect ? Those secret feelings we all grapple with and masquerade?

Grace covers you , and me . It is the strength in our weakness, the joy in our gloom , the peace in our turmoil , the ease in our effort .


I tried though.

Wonder if I was Graced for it ?



Rebirth after Decline

Renewal after Degeneration

Redemption after Deterioration

Resurrection after Death.

Is my definition of a modern day experience of ” Renaissance ” .

Times of being left puzzled , bewildered and frightened like a pluck chicken , when life throws you a curve , only to be catapulted into a dimension of freshness and newness where you learn to trust again , learn again , begin .. again .

Is renaissance.

In your life . In mine .

Sure , our experiences differ but our challenges are alike .

It’s the void of the turbulence you find yourself in and thought you could hardly stand it , but  somehow , miraculously , as you patiently endured and persevered , your hands in His , it served to bring about a humility , a belief , a strength , a knowing and a tenacity , that re-ignited your fire , your passion and your faith in a way you could have not even imagined possible.

You look back.

You are astonished .

You made it .

And today you stand on the Truth of knowing who you truly are , an identity as a Child of God , the assurance of which is marked as a seal on your forehead . You are not defined or validated by people , career , social status , recognition or life experience. You smoothly transition from one role to another , one circumstance to another,  thoroughly embracing your broken pieces , that hold within them the Evidence  of the  miracle , the wisdom , the guidance and the glory of a Power way above your capacity to comprehend , so much so that what was once dead , is not only alive again , but in a measure and degree that makes you look heavenwards and fall to your knees in awe , in wonder , in gratitude , in Grace .

What is it that raises the dead to life ?

What is it that breathes vitality into brokenness ?

What is it that invigorates the human spirit after an experience of depravity and hunger ?

What is it that brings about your creativity in the midst of a stifling triteness?

What is it?

That Presence . That Assurance . Or should I say that “reassuring Presence” that you know deep down will never let you down and does not let you give up on the fight ?

It is that what we cannot fathom that makes us . That transforms us . That changes us . That raises us .

From dust to life , and back to dust again.

The Eternal Truth, a revelation of which is the drive behind our passion to live this day we have to the best of our ability , to attack our fears as though there is no tomorrow, to exercise wisdom with valour , to KNOW that we are broken only to be made whole again , we decline only to rise again , we disintegrate only to be unified again , we crumble only to be edified  again , we die only to resurrect .. yet again .

And that my friends , IS Renaissance.

A phenomenon as much today as it was back in the day . As much a bridge today as it was then . As much a spiritual  awakening today as it was a cultural move then . As much a transition today , as  it was a few centuries ago.

What was once conceived as  a bridge between The Middle Ages and Modern History , is humanly understood today as an inevitable process that transfigures your failure into success , your fragmentation into integration , your foolishness into wisdom , your impulsiveness into discernment, your fall into your rise , your transgression into your redemption , your death into your resurrection .

A new you .

Within the old you.

Is Renaissance.



… ” facing and overcoming adversity is actually one of your biggest advantages … ” .. 🙂
Three Cheers for First Lady #Michelle Obama ❗️

Determined , Passionate , Inspiring , Grounded  and Fun …

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