I often thought about the Biblical phrase , ” my cup runs over “.

And what does that even mean ?

I mean practically .

I believe when God says , ” Love The Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind and all your strength ” 

He means it .

Followed by , ” Love your neighbour as yourself ”

… as yourself .

I believe God calls us to love Him first , and from an intimate , vertical relationship with Him ; draw forth a healthy and abundant love of ourselves , and from the ” overflow ” of that ?

Let the cup run over , thereby gracing us to authentically love and serve the people of God.

Love Him.

Love you .

Love them .

Amen .



Uncanny how this quote has been popping up in my face the past couple of days , not one way , then another !
So I felt obligated to share !!

Tonight as I type on , I pray with all fervency of Spirit , that we , as a people , are able to embrace our own unique strengths , gifts , calls , have the humility to remain in our sphere of Grace , be thankful for what we are and who we are , trust our weaknesses with Him ; edify , exhort and build up one another , be spiritually mature enough to celebrate each other’s successes as opposed to falling prey to the temptations of envy , jealousy and strife ;
And together create a World where each Child of the Most High is cherished , and gracefully led to undertake journeys of spiritual transformation ;
Not because we are not enough ,
But because , through Him ?
We are More than enough .
All my love and prayers across ,