If you love Jesus , you will love this !
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# Shadow Step
From Hillsong United new album #WONDER 🌎




The Breath in my breath

The Freedom in my depths

The Spring in my step

The Beat in my heart

The Light in my eyes

The Hope in my soul

The Song on my lips

The Peace in my midst

The Grace on my life

The Love in my core

To say the least .

That’s God to me .



Enjoy the festivities 🍾
Explore the traditions🍥
Break the boundaries⛷
Bake the cake🎂
Eat the Turkey 🦃
Let it Snow ❄️
Make the Santa list 🎅🏻
Pray at the Altar ✝️
Sing the Carols 🎧
Strum and rock 🎸
Take in the decor 🎄
Hug your folks 🤗
Value yourself 👑
See how far you’ve come 👣
Light the lights and let it shine 🌟
Sleep in with your dog 🐾
Reflect on the year 💭
Fight for the next 10days and finish strong 💪
Have tons of fun !
Ushering in a new era that hollers

#MJ mode : ” for you and for me and the entire human race ”

I can’t thank you guys enough for being a part of the VentAndPour Journey thus far , and pray that may He have a smile upon you , today and forevermore!
Be yourself ❗️
Your irreplaceable,
Esteemed, Valued , Chosen Self !
And let Him shine ❤️️

Praise 🎤

Amen Amen Amen !!!


When folks call you spiritual ?

Laugh it off .

Everyone is spiritual.

We are not our  bodies .

We are spirits .

And the walk we have in The Earth , as a result , becomes our ” spiritual walk ” .

The only relevant question is :

Which side does it have a bent toward ?

The dark or The Light ?

We may never be an absolute of either , and that’s okay .

But whatever our ” spiritual walk ” is ?

Let’s at least try and keep in step with The Light .

And let it shine .