When your greatest weakness becomes your Greatest Strength?

You can be rest assured you have it in the right place .

Amen .






Let’s see .

What does worry do?

Nothing changes,

But the journey continues.

Wisdom V/S Worry ?

Well , Wisdom says to drop the worry and enjoy the journey .

You might just be surprised at where you end up !

And once you know , #resistNot

But that’s another post 😊



My encouragement to you today ?
Be led by His Spirit in you .
You will be charmed as you are Gracefully led to find joy in the seemingly simple things of life .. even if it means taking the time to stir up some creative juices and make something that touches not just your heart , but that of the others around you !
Farm animals posing as the Angels of The Lord , guarding The Crucifix , Our Freedom ✝️

Take time today and enjoy yourself and the one life you will ever have !
Amen !


There will never be another you or another me .

God doesn’t do duplicates .

He is One .

There obviously never was and never will be another Him .

And because we are in Him ?

There will never be another you or another me .

Celebrate your unique , true , authentic , one of a kind , ” in a class all by yourself ” self today !

Your fingerprints , your style , your voice , your hair , your appearance, your persona , your moral compass , your destiny , YOU yourself , the Designer’s Original that you are — can never be duplicated .

There never was

There isn’t

And there will NEVER be another you

Past , Present , Future .

I pray we squeeze the life out of our life and bring honour to The Life that was humbly laid down for ours .

Glory !