Mother’s Day : May 13th, Sunday : Make it Triumphant!

Make this Mother’s Day (May 13th, Sunday) a memorable one with your Mom! Gift her a copy of the inspiring paperback, “Triumphant Thirty!” – tap into the unstoppable to do the impossible, and watch her evolve from strength to strength as you give her the chance to work on maximising HER potential and answering HER unique call in life! Let’s root for her as she has always been rooting for you. It’s time.

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Welcoming all mothers to be a part of a movement that breathes life into dreams and watches you soar! 🦅



That breakup was an outrageous blue.

That dream come true was a vibrant green.

That job you tried for when God had a business purposed for you all along  ? It was a stark red .

That girls night out was a flamboyant magenta.

That unexpected encounter with a ” stranger ” was a delightful pink blush. 

That voyage to Miami was a wondrous aquamarine . 

That safari experience in the South African wilderness amidst the paradox of the presence of predators and peace , a simultaneous oxymoronic reality ; it was a daring mahogany . 

That pilgrimage to the cryptic pyramids of Egypt was an enigmatic champagne. 

That loss of your loved one was a devastating , somber shade of stone . 

That renewal of your life purpose with a passion and intensity you had never known before was a tenacious cardinal . 

That first date was a naive rouge .

That day your best friend married her “mate ” was a nervous shade of flamingo .

That college graduation was a grateful tone of mauve . 

That academic excellence you pursued was a proud fuscia .

That divinely orchestrated career transition was an impeccable tint of clear crystal .

That  embarkment on your odyssey towards self actualisation was an eagerly awaited sapphire . 

That desire to spark your creativity   and artistry was a vivid crimson .

That  bizarre interest in aliens and the outer space that seemed to spring up from nowhere , was a definite black diamond .

That  trip half way around the globe to Japan to meet your mentor , whom you earnestly followed in publications , was an extraordinary hue of indigo . 

That miraculous healing of Haemophilia was a triumphant shade of blood . 

That high school reunion was a nostalgic yellow. 

That first day you attended Church was a divinely ordained hue of wine .

That day you realised your Life Purpose , Soul Mission and Divine Call was an introspective hue of the Arctic .

Life , by virtue of being in constant motion , calls for different experiences , different hues : rich in diversity , but unified in the One ,  integrated solitary Purpose of evolving us into the Highest and Best Version of ourselves.

The commitment that we have towards  life , parallels life’s commitment to us : to grow us , stretch us and strengthen our stakes by exposing us to such a divergent string of experiences , each experience , a different hue ; that life itself becomes a delightful thread deftly weaving it’s way through diverse circumstances , some somber , some vibrant ; such that , in the end what we witness is a rich tapestry of the art that is life itself.



The cool breeze brushing against your cheek .

Your colour rising as you see your latest crush .

Scrutinising the celestial full moon and  the craters within.

Fireworks at Times Square.

A spontaneous trip to the nearest mountain get away .

Savouring the remnants of ice at the bottom of the Barrista cold coffee .

Kind words exchanged with your next door neighbour.

Tipping your house help .

An afternoon nap with your adorable Golden Retriever curled next to you .

A heart shaped pine cone cupped in your hands .

A hip hop class .

Baking gingerbread man for Christmas . 

The delight of watching the sun rise at 4:35 AM illuminate your face .

Tending to your bamboo shoots .

A prayer of gratitude at finally checking off your to-do list . 

Wrapping your mom up in a cashmere shawl  that highlights her grace more than ever .

Listening to “I’m yours” by Jason Mraz  at 2 AM and thinking that maybe , just maybe you’ve lost it .

Buying your girlfriend a rosary .

Instinctively picking up those darling ferry lights and doing up your home . 

Looking up at the stars and wondering if you are one too ?

Breaking into an instinctive jig as you microwave your coffee .

Itching to hit those bass drums .

Welcoming that red and black lady bug up your sleeve .

The flickering candle flame on your bed side , reminding you of the light within .

Squirrels nibbling away at that last Oreo you had .

Sitting on the pavement , captivated by the steady setting of the sun .

Trusting you are a leader even when you don’t feel like one .

Burning corn flakes.

You tubing Jeff Dunham , the ventriloquist .

Contemplating over the steam rising from your hot chocolate milk against the backdrop of a pale blue sky . 

And infinity is the limit !

You get the drift .

Our so called mundane everyday lives endowed with the richness of Life itself .

Seems like trivia ? Those things we do ?

Trust me .

It’s anything but that .


a Breath of Fresh Air

Is what you are .

Having withstood all you have , you’re still standing . Upright and bold . Proud yet humble . Joyous yet melancholic . Bright yet somber . Certain yet unsure . Loving yet guarded. Mighty yet meek .

You walk in like a breeze , a gait so gracefully deceptive that the ones that see you cannot possibly fathom the extent to which you endured , stood your ground , and battle after battle , emerged a different colour , a more victorious hue each time . Though  still very much a work in progress , you stride  through each situation with the confidence of being  , as Scripture says it , “more than a conqueror “.

Is what you are.

You know you have the victory even before trouble rears it ugly head , you smile with the innnocent confidence of the believer you are , and sail through the storm , oblivious to the scars you may have incurred along the fight , only to reach the end of it , and acknowledge them as marks of victory, marks of faith and an assurance of the Promise of Grace on your precious life .

And that’s who you truly are !

Precious in the eyes of The One who created you to use you to let His Love and Light shine through you in a world that very much needs it . You ARE precious .

A melody in the making , a rhythm so distinct that you alone possess the copyright to your own life . You  march to the beat of your own drum , yet cautious to ensure that it’s in sync with The Ultimate Rhythm of The Universe . Once assured , there is no stopping you.

Is what you are .


In the face of fire and flood , you stand firm in Him , and day after day , as He continues to breathe into you , speck upon speck of the dust you are ; you transform, you change , you metamorphosize.

You are the lion that roars , the eagle that soars , the lotus that blooms , the bird that sings . You uphold the Majesty and Wonder of The Most High . You are old yet new , mature yet child like , authentic yet accepted .

You are a Breath of Fresh Air .



Often confused with fate, Destiny is actually quite the opposite .

Destiny is the pull, the tug at your soul that draws you out of bed each morning. Destiny is that certainty that there is more to it than meets the eye. Destiny is the assurance that The Highest Source has a plan and purpose so absolutely divine and surreal that you just can’t give up. Destiny is your biggest teacher, imparting lessons in a fashion that the finite human mind simply cannot fathom.

My own experience tells me we often confuse it with fate or a sense of hopelessness. It’s much the opposite really!

Everyone has a role in the Earth that ONLY they can play. Every individual is The Designer’s Original : endowed with such gifts and talents that no other person can ever duplicate. Yes, that includes you. It includes me. Our finger prints are all unique , yet we have a common DNA of The Most High running through our veins. We are all Different , yet One ; and the accomplishment of one person’s destiny has an inevitable impact on the world around them, and consequently, on the World itself.

It’s imperative we not only understand but KNOW that the plan laid out for us does not depend on our History ,though the lessons are definitely drawn from it , which is why one can never despise affliction: the very thing that has afflicted you, I can tell you, is the very thing that will catapult you into the fullness of your Destiny.

Your role, whether it is that of a home maker, mother, teacher , lawyer, doctor , a CEO , artist ( and I can go on !!) is something you have been specifically designed and ordained to play. Your Destiny or your Mission in the role you play is far greater than anything you may have encountered in your History! Your Greatest days are ahead of you, not behind you !! You are loved, accepted and chosen for the fulfilment of your mission that will bring such nourishment and satiety to your soul that no amount of money or worldly comfort can even hope to come close to.

Now THAT is reason enough to make peace , be grateful for the wonderful product in time you have become by Grace , and offer your Whole Self to the work and days ahead of you.

There are times in the Walk to Destiny that you will hit  a wall. But, Do not fret. Trust in the lesson behind it , and as soon as you get it , the situation or circumstance will automatically dissipate.

It has to.

I personally believe in a passionate , purpose driven life myself , a Life More Abundant , but I do know that it’s not a smooth road lest it be boring and mundane !! Challenges and adversity not only shape us towards our Unique Destiny but also prepare us to have the capacity in our hearts to Receive all that is in store .

I do hope that today you will prayerfully determine to take yet another Destiny Step.

Believe in your Person , your Promise , your Potential , your Purpose and Press on!

As you do, I cheer you on!

All my love !