” The Heavens declare the Glory of God
The skies proclaim the Work of His Hands ”

Amen and Hallelujah!



And we are all a work in progress !




… ” And He whom the Son has set free is free indeed ” !



Enjoy the festivities 🍾
Explore the traditions🍥
Break the boundaries⛷
Bake the cake🎂
Eat the Turkey 🦃
Let it Snow ❄️
Make the Santa list 🎅🏻
Pray at the Altar ✝️
Sing the Carols 🎧
Strum and rock 🎸
Take in the decor 🎄
Hug your folks 🤗
Value yourself 👑
See how far you’ve come 👣
Light the lights and let it shine 🌟
Sleep in with your dog 🐾
Reflect on the year 💭
Fight for the next 10days and finish strong 💪
Have tons of fun !
Ushering in a new era that hollers

#MJ mode : ” for you and for me and the entire human race ”

I can’t thank you guys enough for being a part of the VentAndPour Journey thus far , and pray that may He have a smile upon you , today and forevermore!
Be yourself ❗️
Your irreplaceable,
Esteemed, Valued , Chosen Self !
And let Him shine ❤️️

Praise 🎤

Amen Amen Amen !!!