God Promise or The Promise of God 

We have all been there .

As naughty , seemingly innocent kids !

Wicked and adorably mischievous , but when caught red handed , we would inevitably scream , ” I won’t do that again ”

The sceptic on the other front , suspicious to the core , would counter , ” are you sure ? ”

Pat came the reply.

” God Promise ”

And repeat . 

That was one phase , one season of our lives  ,  usually the most nostalgic of all times : our childhood.

But did you notice how God’s sense of humour knows no bounds ? 

And as we grew older , seemingly more mature , I guess , somewhere along the path , we learnt that if we had made broken promises out of a childish , guilt free , blameless heart , 

He didn’t .

True to His Word , we have grown together as a community , into the Sons and Daughters of The King , a doting Father whose Promise is anything but broken .

Pristine and Passionate ;

His Promise stands like rock .

Irrefutable , Unyielding , Guaranteed and Immutable .

His Promise Stands .

I pray we take to heart today that we will together choose to trust what He has Promised us :






Constant companionship



Life More Abundant

( and that’s a rather nanoscopic view ) !

But because we have his seal of approval , we can boldly go in and ” possess ” the Promise of God , in its entirety.

Talking of His Personal Promise on our respective lives ?

That dream , that car , that house , that studio , that relationship , that book, that World tour , that song album , that art gallery , that venture , that prophecy ?

In His Name , we have it as our Inheritance, but it is upto us to put our faith and trust in The Only One who neither fails nor forsakes us , correspond with Him , believe The Truth that IS His Word , co – partner with Him ,

And Possess The Promise .

By Grace , through Faith .

We do our part , and He will do His .

As Christine Caine puts it , ” He is responsible for the consequences of our obedience to Him ” .

And He is .

” He who Promised IS Faithful ” , Scripture asserts . 

That’s His Promise .

Not a care free , void , emergency exit of a promise we yelped in our juvenile years ,

that’s a   ” God Promise ” .

But a Promise of God ?




Unquestionable . 

A Promise we can stand on .

Now THAT’S a God Promise or a Promise of God .

It doesn’t matter anymore .

Does it ?



#Daisaku Ikeda 🌻

” …. it is the revolution that rewrites the scenario of our destiny ….” 

A practising Nichiren Buddhist of two years , I am deeply humbled to say I have the privilege of having Daisaku Ikeda , more lovingly known to us as “Sensei” , (a  Japanese term for “mentor” ) as my Life Mentor!

He is someone who always has a “Now” word for whatever you may be facing today : a troubled relationship , distressed marriage , challenges at work , inspiration to overcome adversity or an unexpected situation that caught you by storm ! Whatever the case may be , Sensei’s Guidances are Golden , transforming multitudes of lives across the Planet 🌎 

In my experience , it is Sensei’s heart that no matter the external circumstances, and there are some rather harsh ones to contend with the challenge of which ,  I  , by no means will ever try to minimise , but truth is that in the midst of such adversity , fire and storm ; we are well able to not only effectively deal , but in fact , come up higher in life , with a life force that sometimes makes no sense : that’s what makes it all so “mystical” !

My heart is that we all find within ourselves reservoirs of strength and hope that propel us and enable us to :

Blossom forth like vibrant flowers 🌺 Shine like the Sun 🌞 Gallop like the horse 🐎 Soar like the Eagle ✨

Live Life Unrestrained!