“TRIUMPHANT THIRTY!”- tap into the unstoppable to do the impossible.

A very good evening to all! I’m just thrilled to introduce to you my book, “TRIUMPHANT THIRTY!”- tap into the unstoppable to do the impossible. An ode to the strength of the human spirit, this compilation of thirty thought provoking, heart warming and soul stirring testimonies of chosen world leaders from Michelle Obama to Nick Vujicic to Michael Jackson to Martin Luther King Jr. to Albert Einstein to Stephen Curry to Abdul Kalam to Oprah Winfrey (to mention only a few!) is designed to equip, empower and enable the readers with the tools they need to maximise their God-given potential and manifest their God-ordained Destiny! Putting these true stories of grit forcing adversity to pave way to Destiny only provoked one thought in me : “YOU are the Thirty First!”

THAT is my earnest aspiration and deep desire; that you read, imbibe, apply and emerge triumphant, making your own personal testimony a monument to the power of Faith, Hope and Love!

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If you’re lost , you will be found .

It’s inevitable.

If you’re searching , you will be satiated .

It’s inevitable.

If you’re driven , you will be directed .

It’s inevitable.

If you’re creating , you will be enlarged.

It’s inevitable.

If you listen , you will ” see”.

It’s inevitable.

If you succeed , you will come under    scrutiny.

It’s inevitable.

If you’re pregnant with Destiny , you will give birth to your Miracle Child .

It’s inevitable.

If you work towards selfish ends , you will be humbled by your Maker.

It’s inevitable.

If you exalt Him , He will exalt you .

It’s inevitable.

If you overcome , you will have matured : in tenacity , in faith , in life .

It’s inevitable.

If you encourage , you will be nourished .

It’s inevitable.

If you have a challenge , you are competent .

It’s inevitable.

If you have a flair for drama, life itself will reveal itself as a cosmic play.

It’s inevitable.

If you are gritty , you will be forged .

It’s inevitable.

If you invest in your children , they will invest in you : time , money , love .

It’s inevitable.

If you yearn , you will be fulfilled .

It’s inevitable.

If you seek Him , blessings will chase you down .

It’s inevitable.

If you travel , you will not shrink but expand.

It’s inevitable.

If you nurture a humble heart , you will be used in a Mighty Way.

It’s inevitable.

If you’re generous , your rivers of provision will never run dry .

It’s inevitable.

If you work with Spirit and zeal , you will reap astonishing rewards.

It’s inevitable.

If you love yourself just the way you are , love may just find you .

It’s inevitable.

If your kiss is quick , your passion is strong .

It’s inevitable.

If you listen at the right voices , your dream will remain undergourded.

It’s inevitable.

If you give life , life will give itself back to you .

It’s inevitable .

If you are in a season of growth , you will experience levels of discomfort .

It’s inevitable.

If you dance , joy will bubble up inside of you .

It’s inevitable.

If you worship , you are a warrior.

It’s inevitable.

If you’re strong in your convictions , you’re strong in your Destiny .

It’s inevitable.

If you keep your faith , your faith will keep you .

It’s inevitable.

If you read , you will learn.

It’s inevitable.

If you love , you will be loved.

It’s inevitable.

If you pray , you will rise .

It’s inevitable.

So simple , right ?

Cause and Effect


The Inevitable Grace of God .

From which there is no “inevitable” escape .

Thank God !

For the things that keep us even when we can’t keep them .



The cool breeze brushing against your cheek .

Your colour rising as you see your latest crush .

Scrutinising the celestial full moon and  the craters within.

Fireworks at Times Square.

A spontaneous trip to the nearest mountain get away .

Savouring the remnants of ice at the bottom of the Barrista cold coffee .

Kind words exchanged with your next door neighbour.

Tipping your house help .

An afternoon nap with your adorable Golden Retriever curled next to you .

A heart shaped pine cone cupped in your hands .

A hip hop class .

Baking gingerbread man for Christmas . 

The delight of watching the sun rise at 4:35 AM illuminate your face .

Tending to your bamboo shoots .

A prayer of gratitude at finally checking off your to-do list . 

Wrapping your mom up in a cashmere shawl  that highlights her grace more than ever .

Listening to “I’m yours” by Jason Mraz  at 2 AM and thinking that maybe , just maybe you’ve lost it .

Buying your girlfriend a rosary .

Instinctively picking up those darling ferry lights and doing up your home . 

Looking up at the stars and wondering if you are one too ?

Breaking into an instinctive jig as you microwave your coffee .

Itching to hit those bass drums .

Welcoming that red and black lady bug up your sleeve .

The flickering candle flame on your bed side , reminding you of the light within .

Squirrels nibbling away at that last Oreo you had .

Sitting on the pavement , captivated by the steady setting of the sun .

Trusting you are a leader even when you don’t feel like one .

Burning corn flakes.

You tubing Jeff Dunham , the ventriloquist .

Contemplating over the steam rising from your hot chocolate milk against the backdrop of a pale blue sky . 

And infinity is the limit !

You get the drift .

Our so called mundane everyday lives endowed with the richness of Life itself .

Seems like trivia ? Those things we do ?

Trust me .

It’s anything but that .



Is the Greek term for ” Freedom ” .

Now , Freedom has always , always fascinated me , beckoned me , tempted me . It’s been a blessing at times , but even a struggle . It has meant a journey and a destination . It has been a spiritual quest and a spiritual reality : all at the same time .

Which took me to Google “freedom” !

From trying to understand it in my own personal experience , in journals , in what it means to a dancer like me ; to searching for it’s true meaning in Scripture, religious readings and the views of international speakers ;  I confess I love Freedom …

… Eleutheria ..

Going beyond cartwheels on sandy beaches and running in fields with your hair flying in the wind , Freedom is far more than savouring the joy of a visual depiction.

So I went straight to Google .

And Google took me straight to Eleutheria.

Now what’s that ?

In essence, Eleutheria is Greek for Freedom , but etymologically it’s means “arriving ” ( eleu ) “to where one loves “( eran ) .

So I thought about it .

What is it that I love that I desire to arrive at ?

Truth .

Now that’s another favourite of mine ( this sure feels like confession time !) .

Okay, let’s focus .

Truth .

Truth about God .

Truth about Who I am in Him and how He sees me .

Truth about myself .

Truth sets us Free , as Scripture so accurately records it .

So they are connected .

And very much so .

ELEUTHERIA thus , becomes a journey of arriving at a place of TRUTH ; a sacred , pristine space within oneself where one knows who they are in Him and the absolute FREEDOM that  is found secure in such a Divine Revelation , needless to say an absolute surrender to His Highest Will , and an acceptance of the unsurpassable peace and joy that comes from relishing and allowing oneself to luxuriate in His Unconditional Love , a Love so pure that it’s neither subject to performance nor rejection , a Love so Faithful that it holds your deepest , darkest secrets in the magnanimous hands of Grace , a Love that transcends time and space and endures its way straight into Eternity : this LOVE is the TRUTH that is Constant for both , you and me .

Such are the tidings of Eleutheria!

Freedom … Eleutheria… Truth !

Safe to say that Freedom reveals itself as Truth .

And Truth brings about Freedom .

Two sides of the same coin ?

I think so .