When your greatest weakness becomes your Greatest Strength?

You can be rest assured you have it in the right place .

Amen .




The Breath in my breath

The Freedom in my depths

The Spring in my step

The Beat in my heart

The Light in my eyes

The Hope in my soul

The Song on my lips

The Peace in my midst

The Grace on my life

The Love in my core

To say the least .

That’s God to me .



Scripture states The Truth , ” God gives Grace to the humble “.

In my experience, it even takes humility to receive , I mean really receive Grace .

Humble yourself today and watch Grace carry you through .


What I learnt in 2016 

Is that God is a Non Conformist .

A life of Faith is an absolute adventure.

We are indeed ” fearfully and wonderfully made ” .

Spontaneity is a gift .

Colouring outside the lines is what makes our child like hearts come alive .

Underestimating the power of a seed that God puts in our hands is vain conceit .

Every experience counts and God uses ” all things ” : the good , the bad , the ugly . 

The infinite power of worship words cannot do justice to .

Guilt is not of God . Grace is .

Angels guard us . Always .

There is power in Praise .

Humility and a generous spirit will open doors like nothing else can .

Eyes focussed on The One that truly matters are pretty.

Comparison is a waste of energy and time .

Authenticity does not have a counterfeit .

Living out our own unique testimony is taking back our power.

Loving ourselves exactly as we are , and staying open to growth are not dichotomous.

Our “do” is not our ” who ” .

Going to the altar is our first line of defence and not our last resort .

Scars are a sign of victory , not defeat #Christine Caine .

God is Faithful .

Revelation is more potent  than information .

Creativity is a wild beast .

Listen to your gut. Even when it doesn’t make sense .

You live life forwards but understand it backwards #Joyce Meyer.

Unfathomable is the power of The Word .

Expanding Kingdom Purposes is the very reason we were put on The Planet and yes , it’s a full time job !

Christmas is the best time of the year .

Seasons change .

Eagles don’t avoid the storm .  They soar above it .

” Faith ” is spelled ” R-I-S-K” , but “risk” is not spelt ” S-T-U-P-I-D” #Brian Houston

Hillsong United is , by far , the best Worship Band in the world .

Anointing over qualification : any day !

There is salvation in meditation. Not in the cell phone .

God is interested in transforming our heart and not merely changing our behaviour .

Because He is Able , we are able .

It’s okay to want a break .

When we do  it for the right reasons , Heaven’s resources back us up .

Daisaku Ikeda is a life mentor par excellence.

Infinite is our potential.

I phone is better than Android .

New year is more than a celebration . It is a prayerful resolve .

Gratitude is intentional.

Faith is colossal .

Love  is a force to be reckoned with .

And so are we .


God Promise or The Promise of God 

We have all been there .

As naughty , seemingly innocent kids !

Wicked and adorably mischievous , but when caught red handed , we would inevitably scream , ” I won’t do that again ”

The sceptic on the other front , suspicious to the core , would counter , ” are you sure ? ”

Pat came the reply.

” God Promise ”

And repeat . 

That was one phase , one season of our lives  ,  usually the most nostalgic of all times : our childhood.

But did you notice how God’s sense of humour knows no bounds ? 

And as we grew older , seemingly more mature , I guess , somewhere along the path , we learnt that if we had made broken promises out of a childish , guilt free , blameless heart , 

He didn’t .

True to His Word , we have grown together as a community , into the Sons and Daughters of The King , a doting Father whose Promise is anything but broken .

Pristine and Passionate ;

His Promise stands like rock .

Irrefutable , Unyielding , Guaranteed and Immutable .

His Promise Stands .

I pray we take to heart today that we will together choose to trust what He has Promised us :






Constant companionship



Life More Abundant

( and that’s a rather nanoscopic view ) !

But because we have his seal of approval , we can boldly go in and ” possess ” the Promise of God , in its entirety.

Talking of His Personal Promise on our respective lives ?

That dream , that car , that house , that studio , that relationship , that book, that World tour , that song album , that art gallery , that venture , that prophecy ?

In His Name , we have it as our Inheritance, but it is upto us to put our faith and trust in The Only One who neither fails nor forsakes us , correspond with Him , believe The Truth that IS His Word , co – partner with Him ,

And Possess The Promise .

By Grace , through Faith .

We do our part , and He will do His .

As Christine Caine puts it , ” He is responsible for the consequences of our obedience to Him ” .

And He is .

” He who Promised IS Faithful ” , Scripture asserts . 

That’s His Promise .

Not a care free , void , emergency exit of a promise we yelped in our juvenile years ,

that’s a   ” God Promise ” .

But a Promise of God ?




Unquestionable . 

A Promise we can stand on .

Now THAT’S a God Promise or a Promise of God .

It doesn’t matter anymore .

Does it ?



If you’re lost , you will be found .

It’s inevitable.

If you’re searching , you will be satiated .

It’s inevitable.

If you’re driven , you will be directed .

It’s inevitable.

If you’re creating , you will be enlarged.

It’s inevitable.

If you listen , you will ” see”.

It’s inevitable.

If you succeed , you will come under    scrutiny.

It’s inevitable.

If you’re pregnant with Destiny , you will give birth to your Miracle Child .

It’s inevitable.

If you work towards selfish ends , you will be humbled by your Maker.

It’s inevitable.

If you exalt Him , He will exalt you .

It’s inevitable.

If you overcome , you will have matured : in tenacity , in faith , in life .

It’s inevitable.

If you encourage , you will be nourished .

It’s inevitable.

If you have a challenge , you are competent .

It’s inevitable.

If you have a flair for drama, life itself will reveal itself as a cosmic play.

It’s inevitable.

If you are gritty , you will be forged .

It’s inevitable.

If you invest in your children , they will invest in you : time , money , love .

It’s inevitable.

If you yearn , you will be fulfilled .

It’s inevitable.

If you seek Him , blessings will chase you down .

It’s inevitable.

If you travel , you will not shrink but expand.

It’s inevitable.

If you nurture a humble heart , you will be used in a Mighty Way.

It’s inevitable.

If you’re generous , your rivers of provision will never run dry .

It’s inevitable.

If you work with Spirit and zeal , you will reap astonishing rewards.

It’s inevitable.

If you love yourself just the way you are , love may just find you .

It’s inevitable.

If your kiss is quick , your passion is strong .

It’s inevitable.

If you listen at the right voices , your dream will remain undergourded.

It’s inevitable.

If you give life , life will give itself back to you .

It’s inevitable .

If you are in a season of growth , you will experience levels of discomfort .

It’s inevitable.

If you dance , joy will bubble up inside of you .

It’s inevitable.

If you worship , you are a warrior.

It’s inevitable.

If you’re strong in your convictions , you’re strong in your Destiny .

It’s inevitable.

If you keep your faith , your faith will keep you .

It’s inevitable.

If you read , you will learn.

It’s inevitable.

If you love , you will be loved.

It’s inevitable.

If you pray , you will rise .

It’s inevitable.

So simple , right ?

Cause and Effect


The Inevitable Grace of God .

From which there is no “inevitable” escape .

Thank God !

For the things that keep us even when we can’t keep them .