Are you grappling for control ?

Control to an extent that you are enslaved by a fear even you cannot articulate ?

Or have you made up your heart to Surrender all Control to The Only One who can ultimately free you , heal you , restore the broken crevices of your soul ?

A Surrender that can be done only by Faith

Faith that walks on waters

Faith that moves mountains

Faith that trusts without borders

Faith that calms raging seas

Check .

I have had to .

Amen .




The Breath in my breath

The Freedom in my depths

The Spring in my step

The Beat in my heart

The Light in my eyes

The Hope in my soul

The Song on my lips

The Peace in my midst

The Grace on my life

The Love in my core

To say the least .

That’s God to me .


# Today 🍭

Of all the very many Promises of God , the biggest Promise I reckon is that tomorrow is never promised .

It sets me free to live today more completely .

Laugh more fully .

Breathe more deeply .

Love more generously .

Fight more tenaciously .

And what is life if not just a series of our many ” Today’s ” ?

Make the most of yours TODAY !

Amen !!



And we are all a work in progress !




My encouragement to you today ?
Be led by His Spirit in you .
You will be charmed as you are Gracefully led to find joy in the seemingly simple things of life .. even if it means taking the time to stir up some creative juices and make something that touches not just your heart , but that of the others around you !
Farm animals posing as the Angels of The Lord , guarding The Crucifix , Our Freedom ✝️

Take time today and enjoy yourself and the one life you will ever have !
Amen !


… ” And He whom the Son has set free is free indeed ” !



To attempt to describe His Truth is to attempt an impossible feat .

But one sure thing I believe His Truth is ?

It’s what translates the shadows  of your past into absolute freedom .

Amen !

Let’s give Him our all in 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣ ❗️


Choose Life

Choose love , not pride .

Choose relationships , not ego .

Choose options , not opinions .

Choose humility , not conceit .

Choose authenticity , not image .

Choose Calling , not reputation.

Choose excellence, not perfection .

Choose healing , not concealing .

Choose laughter , not medicine .

Choose Praise , not resignation .

Choose wisdom , not recklessness.

Choose gratitude , not entitlement

Choose freedom , not oppression .

Choose Grace , not struggle .

Choose respect , not attention .

Choose Destiny , not history .

Choose Identity , not validation .

Choose melody , not noise .

Choose creativity , not regimen .

Choose belief , not doubt .

Choose peace , not strife .

Choose collaboration, not rivalry .

Choose adventure , not structure .

Choose affirmation , not discouragement .

Choose discernment , not impulsiveness .

Choose spontaneity , not routine .

Choose courage , not escapism .

Choose Truth , not lies .

Choose Faith  , choose Life .

Simply because ,

He Chose you .

And nothing can reverse that .


” Merry Christmas ”


God Promise or The Promise of God 

We have all been there .

As naughty , seemingly innocent kids !

Wicked and adorably mischievous , but when caught red handed , we would inevitably scream , ” I won’t do that again ”

The sceptic on the other front , suspicious to the core , would counter , ” are you sure ? ”

Pat came the reply.

” God Promise ”

And repeat . 

That was one phase , one season of our lives  ,  usually the most nostalgic of all times : our childhood.

But did you notice how God’s sense of humour knows no bounds ? 

And as we grew older , seemingly more mature , I guess , somewhere along the path , we learnt that if we had made broken promises out of a childish , guilt free , blameless heart , 

He didn’t .

True to His Word , we have grown together as a community , into the Sons and Daughters of The King , a doting Father whose Promise is anything but broken .

Pristine and Passionate ;

His Promise stands like rock .

Irrefutable , Unyielding , Guaranteed and Immutable .

His Promise Stands .

I pray we take to heart today that we will together choose to trust what He has Promised us :






Constant companionship



Life More Abundant

( and that’s a rather nanoscopic view ) !

But because we have his seal of approval , we can boldly go in and ” possess ” the Promise of God , in its entirety.

Talking of His Personal Promise on our respective lives ?

That dream , that car , that house , that studio , that relationship , that book, that World tour , that song album , that art gallery , that venture , that prophecy ?

In His Name , we have it as our Inheritance, but it is upto us to put our faith and trust in The Only One who neither fails nor forsakes us , correspond with Him , believe The Truth that IS His Word , co – partner with Him ,

And Possess The Promise .

By Grace , through Faith .

We do our part , and He will do His .

As Christine Caine puts it , ” He is responsible for the consequences of our obedience to Him ” .

And He is .

” He who Promised IS Faithful ” , Scripture asserts . 

That’s His Promise .

Not a care free , void , emergency exit of a promise we yelped in our juvenile years ,

that’s a   ” God Promise ” .

But a Promise of God ?




Unquestionable . 

A Promise we can stand on .

Now THAT’S a God Promise or a Promise of God .

It doesn’t matter anymore .

Does it ?


Reminiscent . 

Majestic and Stoic

Vibrant and Fiery

Expansive and Colossal 

Inspiring and Inviting

Artistic and Dramatic

Mystic  and Poetic 

Diverse in it’s elements and Unified at the Root . 

Vivid and Magnificent 

Sheltering and Protective

Room to breathe and space to grow

Beacon and a guiding light

Magnanimous and Generous

… just some of the things this unique , one of a kind tree , as a perfect specimen of Creation itself , reminded me of .

Much like The Creator Himself  ? 

It certainly is reminiscent of the divine fingerprints that made it . 

That made you.

That made me . 

That made Creation the awe inspiring marvel it is . 

Astounding in its stature , the  MOST remarkable quality of this tree however , is in being : 

” Anchored and firmly grounded ” 

Which serves to remind me of the very well known quote : 

    ” the deeper the roots , the stronger the tree ” 

And strong  it sure is . 

In Length

In Breadth

In Height

In Depth 

Much like His Love for us ? 

A Love that proved to have no bounds ; not in length , width , height or depth ; but in it’s all encompassing Glory , bore and forever wiped away every remnant of our sin , sickness , shame , transgressions and infirmity. 

So we may BE free and LIVE free ! 

A Stative  verb ,” be ” giving way to a Dynamic verb ” live ” . 

The perfect nature of God Himself . 

From a space of centering ourselves , a space so pristine , so sacred , so free ; we strive to rest in that space and  operating from a place of “rest” and ” freedom” , WE LIVE FREE ! 

And continue unabated.