That breakup was an outrageous blue.

That dream come true was a vibrant green.

That job you tried for when God had a business purposed for you all along  ? It was a stark red .

That girls night out was a flamboyant magenta.

That unexpected encounter with a ” stranger ” was a delightful pink blush.¬†

That voyage to Miami was a wondrous aquamarine . 

That safari experience in the South African wilderness amidst the paradox of the presence of predators and peace , a simultaneous oxymoronic reality ; it was a daring mahogany . 

That pilgrimage to the cryptic pyramids of Egypt was an enigmatic champagne. 

That loss of your loved one was a devastating , somber shade of stone . 

That renewal of your life purpose with a passion and intensity you had never known before was a tenacious cardinal . 

That first date was a naive rouge .

That day your best friend married her “mate ” was a nervous shade of flamingo .

That college graduation was a grateful tone of mauve . 

That academic excellence you pursued was a proud fuscia .

That divinely orchestrated career transition was an impeccable tint of clear crystal .

That  embarkment on your odyssey towards self actualisation was an eagerly awaited sapphire . 

That desire to spark your creativity   and artistry was a vivid crimson .

That  bizarre interest in aliens and the outer space that seemed to spring up from nowhere , was a definite black diamond .

That  trip half way around the globe to Japan to meet your mentor , whom you earnestly followed in publications , was an extraordinary hue of indigo . 

That miraculous healing of Haemophilia was a triumphant shade of blood . 

That high school reunion was a nostalgic yellow. 

That first day you attended Church was a divinely ordained hue of wine .

That day you realised your Life Purpose , Soul Mission and Divine Call was an introspective hue of the Arctic .

Life , by virtue of being in constant motion , calls for different experiences , different hues : rich in diversity , but unified in the One ,  integrated solitary Purpose of evolving us into the Highest and Best Version of ourselves.

The commitment that we have towards ¬†life , parallels life’s commitment to us : to grow us , stretch us and strengthen our stakes by exposing us to such a divergent string of experiences , each experience , a different hue ; that life itself becomes a delightful thread deftly weaving it’s way through diverse circumstances , some somber , some vibrant ; such that , in the end what we witness is a rich tapestry of the art that is life itself.