#Daisaku Ikeda 🌻

” …. it is the revolution that rewrites the scenario of our destiny ….” 

A practising Nichiren Buddhist of two years , I am deeply humbled to say I have the privilege of having Daisaku Ikeda , more lovingly known to us as “Sensei” , (a  Japanese term for “mentor” ) as my Life Mentor!

He is someone who always has a “Now” word for whatever you may be facing today : a troubled relationship , distressed marriage , challenges at work , inspiration to overcome adversity or an unexpected situation that caught you by storm ! Whatever the case may be , Sensei’s Guidances are Golden , transforming multitudes of lives across the Planet 🌎 

In my experience , it is Sensei’s heart that no matter the external circumstances, and there are some rather harsh ones to contend with the challenge of which ,  I  , by no means will ever try to minimise , but truth is that in the midst of such adversity , fire and storm ; we are well able to not only effectively deal , but in fact , come up higher in life , with a life force that sometimes makes no sense : that’s what makes it all so “mystical” !

My heart is that we all find within ourselves reservoirs of strength and hope that propel us and enable us to :

Blossom forth like vibrant flowers 🌺 Shine like the Sun 🌞 Gallop like the horse 🐎 Soar like the Eagle ✨

Live Life Unrestrained!