# He 

When we are ” unbelieving believers ” ,

He is Believingly Unbelievable!



# Today 🍭

Of all the very many Promises of God , the biggest Promise I reckon is that tomorrow is never promised .

It sets me free to live today more completely .

Laugh more fully .

Breathe more deeply .

Love more generously .

Fight more tenaciously .

And what is life if not just a series of our many ” Today’s ” ?

Make the most of yours TODAY !

Amen !!



Let’s see .

What does worry do?

Nothing changes,

But the journey continues.

Wisdom V/S Worry ?

Well , Wisdom says to drop the worry and enjoy the journey .

You might just be surprised at where you end up !

And once you know , #resistNot

But that’s another post 😊