It’s Christmas Eve

It’s that time of the year again .

Time went by , way too swiftly !

However , as this season , jolly and festive as it is , marks  the end of a year ; it simultaneously marks the beginning of another !

I felt a nudge to really put it into the atmosphere that as you take in the festivities and the gifts , the prayers and the blessings ;

Remember you are Valued , Chosen , made on purpose : for a Purpose.

Renew your sense of Identity as you step into another legendary year of your life ; and even if you did have a rather challenging year  , give yourself a pat on the back , because YOU ARE STILL STANDING!

My prayer is that all the tears and sweat of the year past are beautifully translated into fruit and abundance in the year to come . May you gain new ground , explore uncharted territory and birth everything God put into your spirit!

Remain secure in who you are , fully receiving the Truth that your ” do” is not your “who” .

And your ” who” is something of Eternal value that no one , absolutely no one can take away from you !

Be Authentic ❗️Run your race 🏁


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