Cease Fire 

There is power in the wait .

I know we loathe it .It’s not fashionable nor favourable to us . We want instant results . The ” microwave theory ” .

I get it .

But believe it or not ,

There is infinite power in delayed gratification.  Anything worth accomplishing is definitely worth the wait . And I personally do believe that the manifestation of something that merely began as a quirk in your mind , a stir in your spirit or an echo in your heart , is nothing more than a triumphant resonance of a part of your journey done well . 

Done in passionate patience

Done in steely conviction

Done in unshakable belief

Done in undaunted tenacity

Done in raw honesty

Done in organic faith

… a faith that caused you to sense it before you saw it … a Revelation before the manifestation … a pulsation before the Promise … a draw before the Vision , a test before the triumph …

A faith that embarked you on a journey … a journey  towards the fulfilment of a Promise that began in the unrelenting rumblings in the pit of your gut , a journey replete with trials , challenges ,  living -on-the-edge moments ; an adventure so magnificent that through it all , it  served to consolidate enduring deposits on the inside of you that will stand the test of time . 

Time and time again .

So the next time you find yourself confronted, you know where to tap into and draw from .

You become seasoned in battle , in faith , in experience , in life .

And the manifestation of that which you celebrate?

It’s a mere physical phenomenon pointing to something greater .

Your grit .

Your guts.

Your God .

Let it just suffice to say there is power in the wait .

Cease Fire .




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