I have often thought about the stuff dreams are made of .

Of course , apart from things like a foundation , an innate passion and a resilience to stand up against all odds to make it happen , what else is there ?

Are we missing out on something here?

Stuff dreams are made of ..

To sum it all up , I came up with a quote inspired by Brian Houston , though this is my rendition of it

” Sow to Succeed , and Succeed to Serve ”

If you have stayed with me thus far , good to know you are a dreamer !

Dreamers are not day dreamers.

Dreamers are pioneers , visionaries , builders and legends in their own right . 

They know what they stand for , personally and professionally , and integrate their values to pursue the Highest Will for their lives .

Enriching to be one , I’m guessing! But as Scripture aptly puts it , ” He , to whom much is given , much is required” .

So what IS required of one ?

I believe in the ” sowing and reaping ” principle , the ” cause and effect ” .

You have a dream , a vision you desire the manifestation and fulfilment of .

That’s great .

More often than not , however , it is a process , a walk , a journey , what we call ” the good fight of faith ” .

It build us , and as a result , we are rewarded by the manifestations of that which we truly desire , with good intentions and good motives .

I digress.

Let’s focus .

” Sow to Succeed ,


Succeed to Serve ” .

Why don’t we strive to sow into our God given Dream  and Destiny ?

Sow with our love and generosity towards those around us .

Sow into The House of The Lord with our gifts , talents , time and tithes?

Sow into our vision by speaking Life and Faith into it , every single day .

Sow into it , as Scripture puts it ,by writing it down and making it plain/clear ?

Sow into our dream by guarding the voices that surround it .

Sow into it with fervent , consistent prayers .

Sow into it by sharing it with trustworthy , life giving friends and family ?

Just sow .

So you know , we can succeed and succeed we will !

We sow in faith and we reap what we sow .

We make the causes and lavish the effects .

However ,

Once ” successful “, now what ?

We have realised what was once only a seed , as Bishop Jakes puts it , “an acorn with the potential of an Oak tree” .

But we weren’t built to just rest on our  laurels .

So we take it to the next level , and I just don’t mean more and more creative ideas for our continued prosperity , but contributing in a way that we give back to the community that first , gave itself to us .

So how do we want to give back ?

We serve .

Not out of obligation , but because , as Scripture puts it , ” our cup runs over ” .

We Serve the folks around us with what we have to offer as a result of our Success .

We serve the poor and the underprivileged.

We serve in our local communities and families .

We serve in donations to the global movement against human trafficking.

We serve in The House of The Lord with ever increasing zest and earnest .

We serve in the ministries that invested in us .

We serve with generosity in the use of our resources.

We serve .

Whatever creative ways we can possibly come up with .

We serve .

And guess what happens ?

That ” service” in turn becomes a ” seed ” that you have ” sown ” , intentionally or unintentionally into The Kingdom of The Most High .

As  Christine Caine says ,” you never know the Eternal consequences of the seed you are sowing ” , so never underestimate the power in your seed .

It can be a vessel for miracles !

A vessel that continues the on going rhythm of  “Sow to Succeed , and Succeed to Serve ” . 







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