img_0794This one is for those of us that await a sign , an affirmation or a word , as we yearn to embark upon a new dream , a new project , a new venture or a new ( fill in the blanks ). 

Whatever your ” new ” is ? 

Wait . 

Wait for  the RIGHT SOIL and the RIGHT SEASON . 

It’s worth the wait ! 

But if you got it , then make a go for it ! 

To me , the ” RIGHT soil ” denotes a “rich soil ” ; 

And the ” RIGHT season” denotes  a “bright season”. 

Rich Soil  will birth rich dreams . And no , I certainly do not mean “rich” in terms of wealth . Though I must confess , a bout of luck on an extra portion of resource definitely helps ! 

Rich Soil stands for a firm foundation in faith . First things first . Always . 

It stands for who will stand by you . 

It stands for the right voices undergourding your “new” thing . 

It stands for wise , Godly counsel in your life . 

It stands for a team of prayer warriors in your life .

It stands for life vibrancy flowing in and out of you . 

It stands for your “crew” that will  huddle and stick close when the going gets tough . 

It stands for its message . 

It stands for the hope , help and inspiration that will be extended to the world as a result of the birth of your “new thing ” . 

The RIGHT season implies a bright season , 

a season full of opportunity and possibility , 

a strategic period wherein you have been specifically positioned to be (I know it sounds cliched , sigh ! But true ! ) .. to be ” in the RIGHT place , at the right time ” . 

a juncture that testifies that though it’s a risk and a sacrifice , it’s not a rash decision . 

a vibrant time in your life  possibly when you feel ” your cup runneth over ” ,

But most importantly, 

a time when you feel that undeniable nudge on the inside of you , your gut , your instinct ,

That still , small Voice . 

My advice ? 

Heed it. 



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