Reminiscent . 

Majestic and Stoic

Vibrant and Fiery

Expansive and Colossal 

Inspiring and Inviting

Artistic and Dramatic

Mystic  and Poetic 

Diverse in it’s elements and Unified at the Root . 

Vivid and Magnificent 

Sheltering and Protective

Room to breathe and space to grow

Beacon and a guiding light

Magnanimous and Generous

… just some of the things this unique , one of a kind tree , as a perfect specimen of Creation itself , reminded me of .

Much like The Creator Himself  ? 

It certainly is reminiscent of the divine fingerprints that made it . 

That made you.

That made me . 

That made Creation the awe inspiring marvel it is . 

Astounding in its stature , the  MOST remarkable quality of this tree however , is in being : 

” Anchored and firmly grounded ” 

Which serves to remind me of the very well known quote : 

    ” the deeper the roots , the stronger the tree ” 

And strong  it sure is . 

In Length

In Breadth

In Height

In Depth 

Much like His Love for us ? 

A Love that proved to have no bounds ; not in length , width , height or depth ; but in it’s all encompassing Glory , bore and forever wiped away every remnant of our sin , sickness , shame , transgressions and infirmity. 

So we may BE free and LIVE free ! 

A Stative  verb ,” be ” giving way to a Dynamic verb ” live ” . 

The perfect nature of God Himself . 

From a space of centering ourselves , a space so pristine , so sacred , so free ; we strive to rest in that space and  operating from a place of “rest” and ” freedom” , WE LIVE FREE ! 

And continue unabated. 




  1. So generous with words and thoughts! So expansive is your mind, heart and soul! 👧 A good read! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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