Kingdom Kid 

What does it mean to be a ” Kingdom Kid ” ?

Let’s excavate :

You are humble .

You are not easily moved.

You are steadfast .

You are not a part of the rat race .

You have been set apart for a High Call .

You are not ashamed of your scars .

You are Chosen .

You are not working for your glory , but His .

You are gifted beyond measure .

You are not for death and destruction .

You are for signs , wonders and miracles .

You are not deceived by snares and temptation.

You have eyes to see and ears to hear .

You do not work out of selfish ambition .

You expand and further The Kingdom of God .

You are not built to live mediocre .

You are led by The Spirit .

You are not afraid of persecution that comes your way when you uphold your Faith .

You are graced to handle every occasion .

You are not a spiritual coward .

You are willing to work with your weaknesses in His Strength, not yours .

You do not seek validation from the World.

You are here to Serve the World .

You do not buy into the lie that you  do not measure up .

You stand in the royal dignity of a Child of The Most High God .

You do not confuse excellence with perfection .

You know Perfection is the Name  of God .

You do not let bitterness take root .

You are quick to forgive .

You know you have treasures on the inside of you , seeds of greatness .

You trust in Divine Right Order and Timing .

You are guarded by the angels of The Most High .

You are not ashamed of your flaws .

You ARE His Child ,







You ARE His image bearer ,

And in THAT folks ,

You ARE a ” Kingdom Kid ” . 


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