Luck . Love . Courage .

And so I went to this lovely cafe .

Donned with ferry lights , visual art , inspirational quotes and a kitchen door that much to my surprise screamed ” CREW “in bold green letters ( instead of a more conservative response , clearly I felt at home ) , 

This was one of a kind .

Everything about it was intimate and inviting , intriguing and inspiring .

Strolling through the marketplace abuzz with activity , my effervescent friend and Senior in Faith by my side along with her son , I was already feeling transported to a different space: a space that craved silence in the midst of the noise , an adventure within itself ( and how many of us really do feel that , I wonder ? )

My spiritual lens were already activated , and as such , it was only natural that not only this cafe , but even this peculiar quote would grab my attention. 

And so it goes :

” if you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love , you have to find the courage to live it ” .

At first glance , it seemed to strike a chord and I was impressed .

Three words hit me :

Luck. Love. Courage.

Once home , I delved a bit deeper , only to realise that the one word that links it all up in a composition of exemplary symphony , without needless effort or striving ; was , in fact , missing .

I shall save the best for the last .


To quote Oprah , luck is literally when preparation meets opportunity. I concur , hence I quote .

Under the ordinary set of circumstances , this places us at an advantage . We work hard , and the Universe , mystic as it is , always conspires in the direction of our bravest , seemingly impossible dreams .

That’s luck !

From the looks of it , we got it !

Awesome !


Now if we are smart enough to know how to get ” lucky ” , I am most certain we are smart enough to discern our God given gifts and talents : things we are endowed with in spirit only to serve as instruments and catalysts shaping our God given Purpose and Destiny , things without which life seems a bit empty , a bit selfish , a tad bit too meaningless !

So we discern , with a lot of help from the Heavens !

Discerning however , is not enough . We follow through . Past the intimidation and rejection , the risks and the self sacrificial cost of it all , we follow through .

With what though ?

That special instinct for music ? 

That penchant for jewellery designing ?

That body and soul you knew was designed to dance ?

That bent towards communications ?

That passion for justice ?

That innate ability to manage your calendar well ?

That gift of hospitality?

That inclination and drive to raise the next generation? 

That inherent endowment of a personality so magnetic that people can’t fathom what it is about you they are drawn to ?

That intrinsic need to want to teach everywhere you go ?

Whatever your “that” is , I am here to remind you it is your “that” which is your “is” .

That IS your  gift  , your calling and even your commitment .

It ought to be your Conviction , and mine too ;

a conviction so deep and steely that it gives birth to God given dreams , visions , ministries and legacies . 

For it is my firm belief that a life based on such convictions is a life not only based on the right foundations , but one that is unparalleled in the measure it brings you joy , peace , soul satisfaction; and of course , love !

That IS a way of life to LOVE indeed !

Ok .


The courage to live the way of life you love ?

You will need the courage , the grit , the resilience and the tenacity to stand your ground in the face of all opposition and persecution . Indeed you will .

But I have some good news , folks !

And this is where I break the suspense .

The one strength that makes such a seemingly daunting task effortlessly possible is PASSION !

Because once you find that thing you truly love , PASSION takes control of your soul . Passion , in my experience , is the No. 1 driving force behind anything worth doing or achieving.

Passion , anchored in sound ideals and a firm foundation in Faith .

Passion , attached to a burning desire to positively impact the world around you .

Passion , grounded in humility , so it has roots to stand and wings to fly .

Passion , that stems from a wisdom to hone your gift and talent not only so you can enjoy the satisfaction it brings , but use it to spread joy and give back to the community in a way ONLY you can .

Passion .

It makes you do things you wouldn’t perhaps take a chance on otherwise.

PASSION serves as the fuel to give you the COURAGE to tread uncharted territory  in the pursuit of your Calling ; a journey , that in itself , is an evidence of your LUCK at having ” found” it , needless to say the LOVE that abounds within it , and the realm of endless possibility that is your Promise .

A lot can happen over coffee .

What say ?




  1. Oh My!! Young Simran!! What I hear from you is totally a different experience from what you write.

    I love being on both sides!!

    Because you’re my dear friend and I get these frequent encounters …I can hear the words love luck courage passion clearly….and these make you!!

    You’ve taken off😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved when we saw angels together….on the roads….around…in conversations….which means the more we meet and talk….it’s a whole new world 🤗🤗

    Thank you my friend!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Angels are always around you Shilpi .. forevermore !!
    And yes , thank you my ” effervescent ” friend 🤗🤗😘😘😘


  4. Haha !! Yes !! I’m glad you get to see both sides too !
    I’m guessing nocturnal me is a bit different 😂😂


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