Raw Beauty

Our weird aloe Vera plant .

Yes , it grows all over the place , it’s branches haywire , without any sync or order.

Or so I thought .

Till my friend messaged quickly and said , in response ,  ” oh wow ! I like it ! ”

And that split second made all the difference.

Now I like it too .

And much to my surprise , I caught myself messaging back ,” Raw Beauty “.

Indeed it is .

I do not think I’m easily swayed by opinion ( or at least , I hope am not !! Constant challenge !! ) , but my spirit had to acknowledge it’s beauty , it’s worth and it’s Truth .

Not only is it growing the way Nature has ordained it to : Free and wild , untamed and unrestrained ; but in that , is inspiring a Revelation of the Truth that , as Joyce Meyer puts it , ” Love lets people be themselves ” . 

I concur .

Love doesn’t seem to control , conspire or manipulate . Love is secure . Love lets you be yourself , your authentic self , free to breathe , free to grow , free to blossom forth .

Free to speak the Truth.

Which in turn sets you Free.

Beautiful , isn’t it ?

The way Mother Nature speaks ?

A distorted view of which a wise friend hastens to correct .

And that’s the Father at work !

Praise .



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