Passion , I believe , is a necessity . Not a luxury .

Whether we think of regular, every day tasks such as taking your dog out for a walk , tossing up those vegetables for breakfast , praying your best morning prayer ; or more conspicuous things like pursuing that dream career , that God given business venture or relationship ;

It will have a different connotation to it , if you do it with PASSION, with fervour. 

Not because you have to do it .

But because you WANT to do it .

That , to me , is the core meaning of “passion”.

Ardour . Intensity. Zeal . Zest . Fervour . Enthusiasm. Vigour . Fire. Spirit . 

One fantastic term summarises it all : Passion , the Hebrew word for which is ” cleave”.

Strong word there .

To cleave is as much to “join with” as to ” separate ” , as much to unite as to rend , as much as to hold on to as to severe . Yes , it’s a hybrid of both . 

Taking another look  at this now .

Students with “passion ” cleave to their dreams and are willing to travel the world in their quest , but at the same time also cleave their attachment to their homes ; 

Newly weds strive to cleave to one another , while simultaneously, cleave their devotion to family; 

Entrepreneurs cleave to their ideals and pursuits , and concurrently cleave all need for validation .

Mothers cleave to their household responsibilities in the name of Love , and at the same time , cleave all sense of selfishness. 

Soldiers go to war and battle on the front lines , cleaving to their allegiance to the National Flag , and simultaneously cleaving all regard for the preservation of the self . 

We see a pattern here , don’t we ?

Passion causes a contradiction ; a strange , mysterious , almost poetic dichotomy .

A warm embrace and a violent tear .

At the same time .

Which further implores me to say :

Passion is a Challenge .

The question is :

Will you take it ?



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