Press Home to Open

Ruthlessly handling my phone , this just about caught my eye , and needless to say , my soul’s attention.

Yes ! Staring at me from my lock screen .

Press Home to Open .

Wow. Now what’s so fantastic about that ?

Nothing .

Except everything .

As my mind traversed the possibility of savouring a life experience lived from the perspective of Eternity , I found Hope. 

Of Home.

What would it look like to live today for Eternity ?

Would I be anxious about that dream that seems to test my patience by putting me through a phase of ” delayed gratification ” ?

That relationship that seems to be more of a tease than a triumph ?

That person that always seems to be getting on my nerves?

That job  so mundane I wonder if I’m kidding myself ?

No .

I would trust that all would somehow , some uncanny way , the way life often is , work out ; but in the meanwhile , I’m going to go ahead and enjoy TODAY!

Yes .

Flawed and imperfect me in a flawed and imperfect here and now ,

I will enjoy it .

Because with each passing breath , I am only inching closer to Home . And you know how they say ,” start with the end in mind “?

The “end” is Eternity which ironically , has no end .

Infinite , vast , endless , beautiful, blissful.

Eternal .

The ” start ” is the here and now .

That is reason enough for us to unflinchingly ” Press Home” in our spirits and inevitably ” Open” the way forward in our day , and as such , in our lives ; thereby adding more grace , peace , joy , fervour and heart to whatever comes our way .

Pressing into a vivid picture of our true Home as citizens of Heaven simply passing by .

Opening our hearts , our minds and our spirits to the actuality that life is but a vapour and we are , but dust ; here for a span so brief that a revelation of it would only serve to catapult us into a firm , relentless resolve to embrace today with all the life we’ve got , and the wisdom to embrace a far from perfect reality , in the absolute hope that one day soon , we will indeed find ourselves in the true reality called Home where grief , fear , disease and disappointment have no room ; and if our Home be such a remarkable place , such a remarkable destination , then why must we live with our walls up ?

Why the hesitation , the doubts and the disbelief that only rob us of our joy , in the Here and Now ; and Truth be told , that’s really all we ever have !

I urge you , and with you , myself too .

Press Home .

And Open.

Like Cause and Effect .

Let us Press into the surreal and sublime reality of Home ; and Open the gates of our heart to love , laughter , joy , hope , passion and purpose ; I pray .

If the Cause is Home ?

The Effect is Life .

Life more abundant , here on Earth;

Life Eternal in Heaven .

Press Home and Open .

I rest my case .



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