I Hope

I hope i can accurately assert my views on this one .

I think in our day and age , we have witnessed more wars and global turmoil over organised religion than anything else .

So if you ask me if I love God , the answer is an emphatic , unashamed , unapologetic YES !

If you ask me if I think God cares for organised religion ?

The answer is NO.

I personally believe ( and this is truly my rendition ! ) , that God had to manifest in various forms on The Planet to cover a wide epoch of time , and thus we have a disintegration of Religion into what we understand as ” organised religion ” except that it has only served to bring about more disharmony in our inherent brotherhood as God’s integrated children and army . 

As His Children folks , we are obliged to fight wars not amongst ourselves, but against the darkness that threatens to take our joy , our peace , our love , our dignity , our Unity .

That is a war God Himself is a part of .

And that is a war God Himself fights for you .

My encouragement , as I write totally on impulse , is that whether you are a Hindu , a Jew , a Parsi , a Christian , a Muslim  , a Sikh …

… know that we serve One Integrated Father , whose very heart beats for unity and bleeds in disunity .

He wants you to not just have ” religion ” per se , but a breathing , active , engaged , organic relationship with Him ; so he can heal the darkest crevices of your soul and shape you into His Image by the day , a brand New Creation who is used by Him for your good and His Glory .

We are His Spartan Warriors ! 

His Chosen , His Elect .

To be One People .

One People , honouring their own respective karmic religion , but above all else , glorifying the Oneness of their Creator by cementing and celebrating the Oneness amongst themselves !

A Oneness that truly brings a smile to His Holy Face !

So today , whether you believe in Jesus , Allah , Waheguru or Lord Shiva ; I hope you can find the faith to reconcile ALL FAITH into ONE , a tribute to acknowledge the Oneness of The One that created it all .

Not so we may fight our wars.

But His .




  1. “I hope ” is very truly expressed and I whole heartedly agree with this theory . The problem is that , a lot of know this but do not put it into practice . Also , religion created division but love is the true and only religion . 💜😘❤️️😍🌹

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