The cool breeze brushing against your cheek .

Your colour rising as you see your latest crush .

Scrutinising the celestial full moon and  the craters within.

Fireworks at Times Square.

A spontaneous trip to the nearest mountain get away .

Savouring the remnants of ice at the bottom of the Barrista cold coffee .

Kind words exchanged with your next door neighbour.

Tipping your house help .

An afternoon nap with your adorable Golden Retriever curled next to you .

A heart shaped pine cone cupped in your hands .

A hip hop class .

Baking gingerbread man for Christmas . 

The delight of watching the sun rise at 4:35 AM illuminate your face .

Tending to your bamboo shoots .

A prayer of gratitude at finally checking off your to-do list . 

Wrapping your mom up in a cashmere shawl  that highlights her grace more than ever .

Listening to “I’m yours” by Jason Mraz  at 2 AM and thinking that maybe , just maybe you’ve lost it .

Buying your girlfriend a rosary .

Instinctively picking up those darling ferry lights and doing up your home . 

Looking up at the stars and wondering if you are one too ?

Breaking into an instinctive jig as you microwave your coffee .

Itching to hit those bass drums .

Welcoming that red and black lady bug up your sleeve .

The flickering candle flame on your bed side , reminding you of the light within .

Squirrels nibbling away at that last Oreo you had .

Sitting on the pavement , captivated by the steady setting of the sun .

Trusting you are a leader even when you don’t feel like one .

Burning corn flakes.

You tubing Jeff Dunham , the ventriloquist .

Contemplating over the steam rising from your hot chocolate milk against the backdrop of a pale blue sky . 

And infinity is the limit !

You get the drift .

Our so called mundane everyday lives endowed with the richness of Life itself .

Seems like trivia ? Those things we do ?

Trust me .

It’s anything but that .




  1. While reading each piece of trivia , I imagined it and it all was so beautiful and soothing to my soul . Only a beautiful soul could write something so beautiful .Finding joy in life’s simple pleasures ….💜! Super !


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