Rebirth after Decline

Renewal after Degeneration

Redemption after Deterioration

Resurrection after Death.

Is my definition of a modern day experience of ” Renaissance ” .

Times of being left puzzled , bewildered and frightened like a pluck chicken , when life throws you a curve , only to be catapulted into a dimension of freshness and newness where you learn to trust again , learn again , begin .. again .

Is renaissance.

In your life . In mine .

Sure , our experiences differ but our challenges are alike .

It’s the void of the turbulence you find yourself in and thought you could hardly stand it , but  somehow , miraculously , as you patiently endured and persevered , your hands in His , it served to bring about a humility , a belief , a strength , a knowing and a tenacity , that re-ignited your fire , your passion and your faith in a way you could have not even imagined possible.

You look back.

You are astonished .

You made it .

And today you stand on the Truth of knowing who you truly are , an identity as a Child of God , the assurance of which is marked as a seal on your forehead . You are not defined or validated by people , career , social status , recognition or life experience. You smoothly transition from one role to another , one circumstance to another,  thoroughly embracing your broken pieces , that hold within them the Evidence  of the  miracle , the wisdom , the guidance and the glory of a Power way above your capacity to comprehend , so much so that what was once dead , is not only alive again , but in a measure and degree that makes you look heavenwards and fall to your knees in awe , in wonder , in gratitude , in Grace .

What is it that raises the dead to life ?

What is it that breathes vitality into brokenness ?

What is it that invigorates the human spirit after an experience of depravity and hunger ?

What is it that brings about your creativity in the midst of a stifling triteness?

What is it?

That Presence . That Assurance . Or should I say that “reassuring Presence” that you know deep down will never let you down and does not let you give up on the fight ?

It is that what we cannot fathom that makes us . That transforms us . That changes us . That raises us .

From dust to life , and back to dust again.

The Eternal Truth, a revelation of which is the drive behind our passion to live this day we have to the best of our ability , to attack our fears as though there is no tomorrow, to exercise wisdom with valour , to KNOW that we are broken only to be made whole again , we decline only to rise again , we disintegrate only to be unified again , we crumble only to be edified  again , we die only to resurrect .. yet again .

And that my friends , IS Renaissance.

A phenomenon as much today as it was back in the day . As much a bridge today as it was then . As much a spiritual  awakening today as it was a cultural move then . As much a transition today , as  it was a few centuries ago.

What was once conceived as  a bridge between The Middle Ages and Modern History , is humanly understood today as an inevitable process that transfigures your failure into success , your fragmentation into integration , your foolishness into wisdom , your impulsiveness into discernment, your fall into your rise , your transgression into your redemption , your death into your resurrection .

A new you .

Within the old you.

Is Renaissance.



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