Divine Mandate 

Let’s give it a thought .

We each have a specific calling , a designated assignment if you may , to be fulfilled during our time in The Earth. We are innately endowed with talents and gifts unique to us , with capacities to serve that differ , and character that is constantly and consistently being moulded by the day , in order that we may become the kind of person who does complete justice to their Calling when time beckons  our undivided attention,  initiative and responsibility.

We may have different ministries  , different careers , different journeys ; but  all welding together into the fabric of One Integrated Common Divine Mandate on our lives .

And what’s that you ask ?

Simply this.

We are world changers and history makers , barrier breakers and peace makers , leaders and innovators , creators and pioneers , champions and overcomers .

We are the voice to the voiceless , the salt in the tasteless, the light in the darkness , the hope in the hopelessness , the salvation in the brokenness.

We have a Divine Mandate that goes beyond the superficial limitations of a career you carefully carved out for yourself , a job profile you are trying with all your might to fit in , a social life that somehow makes you come alive , or a business venture you know is your God given dream . Whatever it is that currently has your time, focus and drive ; it will be sustainable only to the extent that it does justice to the Mandate on your life .

The work you put in is good . But do you think you would experience greater peace , abundant joy and dumb founding results  if you knew you were not just another worker in another ministry but God’s Chosen Vessel to bring change in your area of influence?

You are not just another receptionist.

Just another pilot.

Just another stay-at-home mom.

Just another speaker.

Just another dancer.

Just another manager.

Just another doctor.

Just another teacher .


You are the salt and light of the world . You are the lotus that blooms in muddy waters , and leads by example . You are the diamond that is forged under pressure . You are the sandalwood with a fragrance so distinctive , it marks you wherever you go . You are the fire that burns brighter with every log that is added to it . You are the bird with the song so harmonious , it entices others to join you . You are the banyan not ashamed of it’s roots.

You are called to make a difference and spread your joy, your fragrance and your flavour wherever life takes you . You may change careers , change spouses , change your path in life , but my prayer for you is that you may never deviate from  your Divine Mandate .

It’s unchangeable.

It’s constant.

It’s you.



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