That breakup was an outrageous blue.

That dream come true was a vibrant green.

That job you tried for when God had a business purposed for you all along  ? It was a stark red .

That girls night out was a flamboyant magenta.

That unexpected encounter with a ” stranger ” was a delightful pink blush. 

That voyage to Miami was a wondrous aquamarine . 

That safari experience in the South African wilderness amidst the paradox of the presence of predators and peace , a simultaneous oxymoronic reality ; it was a daring mahogany . 

That pilgrimage to the cryptic pyramids of Egypt was an enigmatic champagne. 

That loss of your loved one was a devastating , somber shade of stone . 

That renewal of your life purpose with a passion and intensity you had never known before was a tenacious cardinal . 

That first date was a naive rouge .

That day your best friend married her “mate ” was a nervous shade of flamingo .

That college graduation was a grateful tone of mauve . 

That academic excellence you pursued was a proud fuscia .

That divinely orchestrated career transition was an impeccable tint of clear crystal .

That  embarkment on your odyssey towards self actualisation was an eagerly awaited sapphire . 

That desire to spark your creativity   and artistry was a vivid crimson .

That  bizarre interest in aliens and the outer space that seemed to spring up from nowhere , was a definite black diamond .

That  trip half way around the globe to Japan to meet your mentor , whom you earnestly followed in publications , was an extraordinary hue of indigo . 

That miraculous healing of Haemophilia was a triumphant shade of blood . 

That high school reunion was a nostalgic yellow. 

That first day you attended Church was a divinely ordained hue of wine .

That day you realised your Life Purpose , Soul Mission and Divine Call was an introspective hue of the Arctic .

Life , by virtue of being in constant motion , calls for different experiences , different hues : rich in diversity , but unified in the One ,  integrated solitary Purpose of evolving us into the Highest and Best Version of ourselves.

The commitment that we have towards  life , parallels life’s commitment to us : to grow us , stretch us and strengthen our stakes by exposing us to such a divergent string of experiences , each experience , a different hue ; that life itself becomes a delightful thread deftly weaving it’s way through diverse circumstances , some somber , some vibrant ; such that , in the end what we witness is a rich tapestry of the art that is life itself.




If you’re lost , you will be found .

It’s inevitable.

If you’re searching , you will be satiated .

It’s inevitable.

If you’re driven , you will be directed .

It’s inevitable.

If you’re creating , you will be enlarged.

It’s inevitable.

If you listen , you will ” see”.

It’s inevitable.

If you succeed , you will come under    scrutiny.

It’s inevitable.

If you’re pregnant with Destiny , you will give birth to your Miracle Child .

It’s inevitable.

If you work towards selfish ends , you will be humbled by your Maker.

It’s inevitable.

If you exalt Him , He will exalt you .

It’s inevitable.

If you overcome , you will have matured : in tenacity , in faith , in life .

It’s inevitable.

If you encourage , you will be nourished .

It’s inevitable.

If you have a challenge , you are competent .

It’s inevitable.

If you have a flair for drama, life itself will reveal itself as a cosmic play.

It’s inevitable.

If you are gritty , you will be forged .

It’s inevitable.

If you invest in your children , they will invest in you : time , money , love .

It’s inevitable.

If you yearn , you will be fulfilled .

It’s inevitable.

If you seek Him , blessings will chase you down .

It’s inevitable.

If you travel , you will not shrink but expand.

It’s inevitable.

If you nurture a humble heart , you will be used in a Mighty Way.

It’s inevitable.

If you’re generous , your rivers of provision will never run dry .

It’s inevitable.

If you work with Spirit and zeal , you will reap astonishing rewards.

It’s inevitable.

If you love yourself just the way you are , love may just find you .

It’s inevitable.

If your kiss is quick , your passion is strong .

It’s inevitable.

If you listen at the right voices , your dream will remain undergourded.

It’s inevitable.

If you give life , life will give itself back to you .

It’s inevitable .

If you are in a season of growth , you will experience levels of discomfort .

It’s inevitable.

If you dance , joy will bubble up inside of you .

It’s inevitable.

If you worship , you are a warrior.

It’s inevitable.

If you’re strong in your convictions , you’re strong in your Destiny .

It’s inevitable.

If you keep your faith , your faith will keep you .

It’s inevitable.

If you read , you will learn.

It’s inevitable.

If you love , you will be loved.

It’s inevitable.

If you pray , you will rise .

It’s inevitable.

So simple , right ?

Cause and Effect


The Inevitable Grace of God .

From which there is no “inevitable” escape .

Thank God !

For the things that keep us even when we can’t keep them .



The cool breeze brushing against your cheek .

Your colour rising as you see your latest crush .

Scrutinising the celestial full moon and  the craters within.

Fireworks at Times Square.

A spontaneous trip to the nearest mountain get away .

Savouring the remnants of ice at the bottom of the Barrista cold coffee .

Kind words exchanged with your next door neighbour.

Tipping your house help .

An afternoon nap with your adorable Golden Retriever curled next to you .

A heart shaped pine cone cupped in your hands .

A hip hop class .

Baking gingerbread man for Christmas . 

The delight of watching the sun rise at 4:35 AM illuminate your face .

Tending to your bamboo shoots .

A prayer of gratitude at finally checking off your to-do list . 

Wrapping your mom up in a cashmere shawl  that highlights her grace more than ever .

Listening to “I’m yours” by Jason Mraz  at 2 AM and thinking that maybe , just maybe you’ve lost it .

Buying your girlfriend a rosary .

Instinctively picking up those darling ferry lights and doing up your home . 

Looking up at the stars and wondering if you are one too ?

Breaking into an instinctive jig as you microwave your coffee .

Itching to hit those bass drums .

Welcoming that red and black lady bug up your sleeve .

The flickering candle flame on your bed side , reminding you of the light within .

Squirrels nibbling away at that last Oreo you had .

Sitting on the pavement , captivated by the steady setting of the sun .

Trusting you are a leader even when you don’t feel like one .

Burning corn flakes.

You tubing Jeff Dunham , the ventriloquist .

Contemplating over the steam rising from your hot chocolate milk against the backdrop of a pale blue sky . 

And infinity is the limit !

You get the drift .

Our so called mundane everyday lives endowed with the richness of Life itself .

Seems like trivia ? Those things we do ?

Trust me .

It’s anything but that .



Is the Greek term for ” Freedom ” .

Now , Freedom has always , always fascinated me , beckoned me , tempted me . It’s been a blessing at times , but even a struggle . It has meant a journey and a destination . It has been a spiritual quest and a spiritual reality : all at the same time .

Which took me to Google “freedom” !

From trying to understand it in my own personal experience , in journals , in what it means to a dancer like me ; to searching for it’s true meaning in Scripture, religious readings and the views of international speakers ;  I confess I love Freedom …

… Eleutheria ..

Going beyond cartwheels on sandy beaches and running in fields with your hair flying in the wind , Freedom is far more than savouring the joy of a visual depiction.

So I went straight to Google .

And Google took me straight to Eleutheria.

Now what’s that ?

In essence, Eleutheria is Greek for Freedom , but etymologically it’s means “arriving ” ( eleu ) “to where one loves “( eran ) .

So I thought about it .

What is it that I love that I desire to arrive at ?

Truth .

Now that’s another favourite of mine ( this sure feels like confession time !) .

Okay, let’s focus .

Truth .

Truth about God .

Truth about Who I am in Him and how He sees me .

Truth about myself .

Truth sets us Free , as Scripture so accurately records it .

So they are connected .

And very much so .

ELEUTHERIA thus , becomes a journey of arriving at a place of TRUTH ; a sacred , pristine space within oneself where one knows who they are in Him and the absolute FREEDOM that  is found secure in such a Divine Revelation , needless to say an absolute surrender to His Highest Will , and an acceptance of the unsurpassable peace and joy that comes from relishing and allowing oneself to luxuriate in His Unconditional Love , a Love so pure that it’s neither subject to performance nor rejection , a Love so Faithful that it holds your deepest , darkest secrets in the magnanimous hands of Grace , a Love that transcends time and space and endures its way straight into Eternity : this LOVE is the TRUTH that is Constant for both , you and me .

Such are the tidings of Eleutheria!

Freedom … Eleutheria… Truth !

Safe to say that Freedom reveals itself as Truth .

And Truth brings about Freedom .

Two sides of the same coin ?

I think so .