a Change of Heart 

Ever so often , things happen to us , or we happen to things , whatever the case might be , we all do experience a change of heart .

The old you doesn’t fit you anymore . It seems a tad bit stifling , a little unsettling , far removed from the new creation you now have become . All of a sudden , you realize and acknowledge with gratitude , you have indeed changed , and yes , for the better . You have morphed into a person who is no longer captive to old habits , paradigms or patterns of behaviour ; and not because you went in for cognitive therapy (though I am in no way undermining the significance of that either ! Phew ! ) , but simply because somewhere in the ups and downs of life , in the journey to and fro the valley and mountain top places , in the glorious successes and the heart breaking failures , in the strengths that exalt and the  weaknesses that humble ; you had a change of heart.

And no I’m not talking of that tiny little organ in your body , the size of a fist , that regulates the flow of blood in your system . I’m talking of the spiritual condition of your heart . Somewhere friend , it transformed , and you know you are not the same .

You stretched. You groaned . You cried . You laughed . You hung on . You let go .You got yourself together .

A process that was both , painful and purposeful . Yet , uncanny as it is , when you look at yourself , right this instant , it seems like it all happened way too fast , in the blink of an eye , like the flash of lightning. You are glad . You are gratified .

You. Have. Grown .

Your heart is generous , your mind well-cultivated and your spirit , broad . You never saw it coming , but growth never seeks permission nor approval . It happens , leaving you in a myriad of thoughts and emotions that make sense only once you acknowledge that the Hand that made you was indeed with you , orchestrating each step of the walk to Destiny , overlooking the maze  called life , and moulding you , the clay you are in the hands of The Potter .

Your heart now beats for the Greater things of Life : peace , joy , love , kindness , wisdom , health , Grace.  Your heart stimulates passions for a Greater Cause : uplifting the weak , providing for the needy , fighting injustice , improving yourself , pioneering  and contributing.Your heart now yearns to be with it’s Maker , but refuses to give up before it’s time .

Your heart now knows it all . Thank God !

From the things of this world to the things of God ?

You had a change of heart.



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