a Breath of Fresh Air

Is what you are .

Having withstood all you have , you’re still standing . Upright and bold . Proud yet humble . Joyous yet melancholic . Bright yet somber . Certain yet unsure . Loving yet guarded. Mighty yet meek .

You walk in like a breeze , a gait so gracefully deceptive that the ones that see you cannot possibly fathom the extent to which you endured , stood your ground , and battle after battle , emerged a different colour , a more victorious hue each time . Though  still very much a work in progress , you stride  through each situation with the confidence of being  , as Scripture says it , “more than a conqueror “.

Is what you are.

You know you have the victory even before trouble rears it ugly head , you smile with the innnocent confidence of the believer you are , and sail through the storm , oblivious to the scars you may have incurred along the fight , only to reach the end of it , and acknowledge them as marks of victory, marks of faith and an assurance of the Promise of Grace on your precious life .

And that’s who you truly are !

Precious in the eyes of The One who created you to use you to let His Love and Light shine through you in a world that very much needs it . You ARE precious .

A melody in the making , a rhythm so distinct that you alone possess the copyright to your own life . You  march to the beat of your own drum , yet cautious to ensure that it’s in sync with The Ultimate Rhythm of The Universe . Once assured , there is no stopping you.

Is what you are .


In the face of fire and flood , you stand firm in Him , and day after day , as He continues to breathe into you , speck upon speck of the dust you are ; you transform, you change , you metamorphosize.

You are the lion that roars , the eagle that soars , the lotus that blooms , the bird that sings . You uphold the Majesty and Wonder of The Most High . You are old yet new , mature yet child like , authentic yet accepted .

You are a Breath of Fresh Air .



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