Where art thou?

I have often wondered if we could truly learn the art of being present in the Present  , what would change?

Our relationships , our work force , our impact on the world .

With the advent of technology on a scale that is literally unimaginable , I know it’s quite a challenge to focus , be present and give our all to the one moment ahead of us , that is truly promised : the here and now .

Thoughts such as  ” what’s next ” often disorient us from our innate capacity to embrace the Here and Now with all our heart . Yet we know , deep down , this is all we have for sure . Tomorrow is never promised , and in the assurance of Eternity, my prayer is that we all learn to live in sync with the rhythm of The Universe , giving our all to all that He has for us , one step at a time , one day at a time .

You are not alone in this walk . The good news is we are all in it together : to love , support , revive and encourage each other , to lend a helping hand when we can, to be a blessing and live with the integrity of having been true to ourselves .

The joy of dreams , visions and accomplishments can only be savoured once we humble ourselves enough to pace ourselves with Our Father and gladly agree to enjoy every step of the journey , without really demanding the ABC s of His Ultimate Plan for us , trusting that as we continue to walk , it shall all manifest in time. As Scripture says ,” the just shall walk by faith and not by sight “, I hope we all together put our trust in it .

We may not know all the details yet , but if we know the One who does know , we don’t really need to know !

Let’s walk at ease today !



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