Miracles don’t happen overnight 

Can He  relieve you of that with which you are struggling?


Will He?



Could be , and believe me, I’m all for overnight , split second miracles ! Nothing could bring more joy to the heart of a believer than to witness the impossible come true in a split second that shows , as Scripture records it , “this all surpassing power is from God and not from us “.

However , more often that not , He chooses a different route (in my experience)!

He is your Father , and you are His image bearer. He breathed Life into you, and with that a relationship with Him. An active , interactive, passionate relationship. A relationship that has Unconditional Love as it’s very  foundation. As such , it is unshakeable and invincible. He is The Rock , and had he given you your miracle in that split second you desired, you perhaps would have not prayed as much , fasted as much , developed as much , hoped as much, seeked as much , matured as much .  Today you can look others in the eye and in the Confidence of The One who created you , tell them that perhaps the longer , narrower path is better . That is where He chose to walk with you , talk with you , pour into your heart and spirit things no human mind can possibly fathom the power of . You have the privilege of having seen His Faithfulness in person .

You ARE His Miracle , Child !

Rest in that confidence today.




  1. A beautiful journey where I feel the trust and joy!! Thank you for making it lighter and simple!!


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