Colour outside the lines

As a dancer , that’s what made me fall in love with Contemporary Dance.

Though I love every style , ballet , jazz , hip hop , modern , funk ; I am personally biased towards Contemporary. It has no definition as such . However , what defines it is how the artist (and I am talking of a Western Dance base) takes the format and discipline of ballet , and transforms it , with skill ,passion and fervour , into a dance composition that enables the artist to move freely , uninhibited; exploring the beauty of inhabiting the human body in its entirety, and the space where the movement is made .

Within the parameters of  Ballet technique, we were encouraged to use the “lines” of ballet and still experiment with the freedom of expression that manifests in a tendency to break out of the box and dance with a freedom that is a miracle at work within the human spirit .

Taking the limitations of the human body , yet exploring its vast , limitless potential ; as though painting on a canvass wherein the sky is the limit to your creativity : therein  lies the true beauty of a contemporary dancer !

Likewise for you. And no. You don’t have to be a dancer to get it.

As Humans, we too have a brief from God . We have His word , His Truth and in His Presence, we can use such a marvellous foundation , rock solid and infallible as it is , to experience the true freedom of creating and innovating in this world, things that stem from our authentic core , and validate our individuality .

You do not have to be at logger heads with The Truth , with what you know in your gut to be right ; rather embrace that , welcome it ; and in keeping with the discipline of it ( which is for our good alone ), take chances , take risks , experiment , innovate , and for the sake of brevity I would say , find the freedom to simply be yourself. Your authentic self . Unshakeable inside His Truth , you can afford to .

As long as you stand on the strength of Truth , no force on the planet can keep you from revealing the full colours of your potential and personality.  Once you have it , you will find the corresponding courage and confidence to not just colour outside the lines , but produce authentic art that is in line with who God truly made you to be !

When He made you, He broke the mould.

What’s holding you back?




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