The World is your Oyster 

Since college years , this has been a catch phrase between my friend and I , as she would , with ever so buoyant a spirit , remind me , ” Simran ! The World is your Oyster!”

It always resonated.  It shall continue to.

And I firmly believe the same holds true for each and every one of us .

What does the World mean to you? To me, it literally means the world.

It’s our little abode in the Planet , where we have been specifically positioned for a designated assignment . We all come from diverse places and different ethnic backgrounds only to show that the diversity that is visible on the outside only  culminates in a unity of Purpose on the inside . We are here for a reason , and while in the pursuit of finding and fulfilling that nebulous , non descript thing called “Purpose ” , I believe in our God given right to take the time to smell the roses along the way and enjoy the journey !

The journey along every crevice of the road , savouring the beauty of the moments that pass by way too swiftly .

It is this journey that forges us into the Pearls we are destined to be !

Just like a natural pearl begins its life inside an oyster’s shell, we too begin our walk in life within a vast canvass of a shell called the “World”. Inherently imbued with love, life, joy, colour , vibrancy , possibility , dreams , affirmations, signs , wonders and miracles , The World is a truly astounding place to be!

It sure isn’t all rosy. There are harsh realities to contend with too. But it is within our strength, that is in sync with the Ultimate Strength, to be able to transform even the cruelest of winters into a cause for growth , learning , contribution, service, truth and the irrefutable joy that is a natural result .

A simple analogy.

A grain of sand enters the oyster’s shell and in response, the Oyster begins to cover the “uninvited visitor” with protective layers of mineral. Little does it know that layer upon layer , the deposits are unitedly culminating in the formation of a beautiful gem: the Pearl .

Only time will reveal the marvel of the story.

Likewise, I believe that we are all rare , unique pearls , still in formation to reveal our full potential and power, within the shell that is the World itself . The World is not a scary place , contrary to what your news broadcast may tell you . It is a protective covering of The Most High within which He chooses to train us, teach us and prune us till we are conformed to His Image as His Children , so that  , in due time , He may exalt us to a place that is truly praiseworthy!

So tell me , what is there to fear ?

You are covered. You are protected . You are under construction , and even when it gets too trying to bear , you always have your Promise in front of you to spur you on , to urge you to see the realisation and manifestation of The Pearl you were always destined to be !

Take heart today.

The world needs you : your gifts , your talents , your treasures , your time , your attention , your presence, but most of all, your heart.

Determine to live , laugh , create , explore, serve , dream , build and advance The Greater Cause of being in this fascinating oxymoronic place called , ” The World”.

I know you will.




  1. Extremely well written and well expressed . It’s written from the heart and one can feel it ! 💜💜😊


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