Who Validates you?

That is perhaps the most important question you will ever have to answer.

Not wanting to step on toes, but it certainly calls for attention.

So , who validates you?

What was the first thing that propped on your mind? Your job,parent, spouse,vision, goal,appearance,title, social status?

Who validates you?

In my experience, your “do” is not your “who”. Yes, it is vital to know that.

You may be a home maker , a doctor , a lawyer , a teacher , a CEO ; however, that role does not define you. It is what you do with what you have , but it’s not your Identity.

Your gifts and talents do not validate or define you. In the ever changing and constantly evolving world we live in today , our worth and value is not contained in something as temporal as a job , or a relationship, or even a dream . Although those are highly important things and am not , by any means , minimising their significance in your life ,but at the end of the day, they are just that : things. You could be in a certain “position”  today but perhaps there is a Greater Calling on your life , and the moment you put your infinite trust in that role you have been assigned for this season , you are potentially letting it define you and thwart any opportunity to take you elsewhere.

So let that not define you, rather develop you into the diamond you were always destined to be ! I urge you to learn as much as you possibly can , doing what you are, but not lose sight of “who” you are.

You are not your success.

You are not your failure.

Simply because you took that step of faith and set up that business , entered naively into that relationship, or even made a string of mistakes along the way ; I encourage you today that you are not what you have done or will do, the step you took may have been a failure, YOU ARE NOT !

You are a Child of God , and Only He is qualified to define you.

As a Son or a Daughter of The King , you are fearfully and wonderfully made!! You are blessed with God given Destiny, potential, passion and purpose. You  carry infinite wisdom and courage. You have been assigned to a “calling” in life , but the degree to which you remain rooted and grounded in your Identity as a Child of an ever so Gracious, Compassionate, Faithful and Forgiving Father will be the degree to which you will be effective in truly answering and fulfilling that call.

Let us not let our “do” define our “who” . Let us embrace who we truly are : a creation of a God that loves you as much when you are bankrupt , sick or lonely ; as when you are , in the world view , “successful”.

Difficult to receive that? No worries. You are more precious than you think you are , even when you are a “nobody” , you can rest in knowing that you are a “somebody ” to The One who matters most , and alone has the power to elevate and exalt you to a position that may just leave you dumb-founded!

As Scripture records it ,

“God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise , and the weak things of the world to shame the strong ” ..

Likewise, I encourage you to remain steadfast and grounded in your “who” even when mind-boggling favour and success come your way . Failure or Success.  The Valley Low or The Mountain Top. My sincere prayer for you is that you are neither validated nor swayed by such things that are but a fleeting vapour, and not only embrace but truly celebrate your Freedom in an Identity that is sacred , a Promise and goes beyond the “things” of this world , straight into Eternity.

Let your Treasures rest at Home.

All my love on that note ,



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