An Unknown Future

I wonder how many times we get anxious about what is up ahead. Truth be told , no one ever knows. But we can take refuge in The One who does know.

It all comes to eventually trusting your journey and your Guide. Each step forward is symbolic of the faith you inherently possess , that comes to surface as much in trying  circumstances as it does in the so called “routinely” ones.

Yes. I did say you need faith even to live out that one day which is but a blessing, but perhaps somewhere you seem to have categorised it into a label called “routine”.

Nothing is routine.

It is up to us to find the joy, meaning and Purpose in every day and every moment. Instilling even your “routine” with quirks like sipping coffee in the garden downstairs, or giving an unexpected call to an old friend , striking up a conversation with an absolute stranger only to realise you have the potential to tap into yet another untold human story , or simply taking time out to breathe and be still .. it could be anything .. and before long you will have wired yourself to be able to create beauty even in the mundane .

That’s how resilient a creation of The Most High you are ! If the Creator of the Universe is your Maker, then you are made to be Creative !

Celebrate yourself today !

Be all that you are called to be : free yet grounded, confident yet humble , strong yet sensitive , trusting yet innovating ! May you find yourself the moment you decide to lose yourself in the miracle working power of this maze called Life.



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