Is the only constant.

We can avoid it, minimise it, hide it or even try to run from it. But it’s there . And the sooner we embrace the beauty of evolution, the better our chances at being able to tackle every challenge head on .

I often felt afraid of evolution till I learnt that just because you are evolving  does not imply that you are doing away with your old self ; in truth , you are simply taking that person with you and becoming a better and Higher Version of yourself.

Now that liberated me, thereby transforming my understanding of evolution or change.

Being in a state of flux can , at times , be slightly disconcerting . But as we realise that we are constantly changing from Faith to Faith and Strength to Strength ; it takes the pressure off, enabling us to fully participate in the process and enjoy each moment of the metamorphosis. The end result is Beautiful , we all know that ; but let’s not forget that we are also beautiful right this very moment .. just as we are … flawed and all , and yet thriving . That is beauty in itself , and worthy of applause.

So today , take a moment and give yourself a pat on the back for the fearfully and wonderfully made person you are . Ever changing yet steadfast, growing yet all embracing ; imperfect , and in that a perfect creation of The Most High.



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