#HappyDiwali 💥

Festival of Lights we call this auspicious occasion in India , the sky is lit with firecrackers , tea lights and diyas herald the ushering in of yet another year .. wishes of prosperity and abundance fill the air .. prayers and temple bells the sound of which is pure bliss ..
Happy Diwali folks ❗️
I wish you a fantastic festive season that astounds you with mind boggling favour , abundance , health and happiness 🙂
Life comes but once …
Make the most of it !
Love ,
Your partner in crime 🙂


a Change of Heart 

Ever so often , things happen to us , or we happen to things , whatever the case might be , we all do experience a change of heart .

The old you doesn’t fit you anymore . It seems a tad bit stifling , a little unsettling , far removed from the new creation you now have become . All of a sudden , you realize and acknowledge with gratitude , you have indeed changed , and yes , for the better . You have morphed into a person who is no longer captive to old habits , paradigms or patterns of behaviour ; and not because you went in for cognitive therapy (though I am in no way undermining the significance of that either ! Phew ! ) , but simply because somewhere in the ups and downs of life , in the journey to and fro the valley and mountain top places , in the glorious successes and the heart breaking failures , in the strengths that exalt and the  weaknesses that humble ; you had a change of heart.

And no I’m not talking of that tiny little organ in your body , the size of a fist , that regulates the flow of blood in your system . I’m talking of the spiritual condition of your heart . Somewhere friend , it transformed , and you know you are not the same .

You stretched. You groaned . You cried . You laughed . You hung on . You let go .You got yourself together .

A process that was both , painful and purposeful . Yet , uncanny as it is , when you look at yourself , right this instant , it seems like it all happened way too fast , in the blink of an eye , like the flash of lightning. You are glad . You are gratified .

You. Have. Grown .

Your heart is generous , your mind well-cultivated and your spirit , broad . You never saw it coming , but growth never seeks permission nor approval . It happens , leaving you in a myriad of thoughts and emotions that make sense only once you acknowledge that the Hand that made you was indeed with you , orchestrating each step of the walk to Destiny , overlooking the maze  called life , and moulding you , the clay you are in the hands of The Potter .

Your heart now beats for the Greater things of Life : peace , joy , love , kindness , wisdom , health , Grace.  Your heart stimulates passions for a Greater Cause : uplifting the weak , providing for the needy , fighting injustice , improving yourself , pioneering  and contributing.Your heart now yearns to be with it’s Maker , but refuses to give up before it’s time .

Your heart now knows it all . Thank God !

From the things of this world to the things of God ?

You had a change of heart.



the heart of a worshipper ..❤️️

this song is a reminder that we all , even the best of us , have times when it seems the fight is lost , we have reached the cliched ” end of the rope ” and tying a knot to hang on just isn’t worth the while . We all come to a point where we have hit a wall , a dead end and our own finite mind with it’s routinely strategies just isn’t working for us anymore . Neither is our Faith. Is God listening ? Has He forgotten ? Is He intimidated by the sudden turn of events ?

Of course not !

its a trial , a test of your faith ; and He is Sovereign.

Sometimes , our testimony is not an absolute recovery from an illness , an absolute abundance of finances , or an absolute reconciliation of a relationship. He alone is the Only Absolute . Sometimes our greatest testimony lies in our relentless faith even when the medical report doesn’t look good , the bank account is depleting , or the marriage is on the rocks . It is that pursuit of faith , of knowing as Scripture itself promises , ” God works all things together for the good of those that love The Lord , that are the called according to His Purpose ” , that ushers in His Glorious Presence in the midst of the tempest , revealing to us yet another dimension of His Glory and Graciousness , seemingly new but all so familiar .

I pray that as you tune in your senses to worship the Most High with this song called , ” Even when it hurts ” by leading Australian music band , ” Hillsong United ” , you have a personal God encounter and that He whispers solace , love and comfort to your soul ; and an “absolute” Promise of Victory and Deliverance.

All my love.


#HappyFestiveSeason folks !

From my ❤️ to yours 🙂
I pray that you are filled to the absolute brim with joy , peace , love and abun”dance” this season and this year ! May you treasure yourself as the unique gem in time you truly are , be good to you and others , love , live, laugh
Life is but a vapour ..
all my love,

#AnnVoskamp 🎄

She says it as only she can ..
… ” you aren’t held to a standard of perfection . You are held by the arms of Grace ” 🕊
More often than not , we often pressure ourselves to outperform ourselves in order to live up to the world’s , if not our own expectations of being ” perfect ” , like we got it all together and finally He can use us .
Truth be told where we are weak , we are strong for His Strength is made Perfect in our weakness .
And that is Grace.
So the works of God may be made manifest in and through us .
Precisely that’s how chosen you are .
Celebrate your freedom today ,
Let yourself off the hook ,
You are covered in His Grace .
Child of God !


a Breath of Fresh Air

Is what you are .

Having withstood all you have , you’re still standing . Upright and bold . Proud yet humble . Joyous yet melancholic . Bright yet somber . Certain yet unsure . Loving yet guarded. Mighty yet meek .

You walk in like a breeze , a gait so gracefully deceptive that the ones that see you cannot possibly fathom the extent to which you endured , stood your ground , and battle after battle , emerged a different colour , a more victorious hue each time . Though  still very much a work in progress , you stride  through each situation with the confidence of being  , as Scripture says it , “more than a conqueror “.

Is what you are.

You know you have the victory even before trouble rears it ugly head , you smile with the innnocent confidence of the believer you are , and sail through the storm , oblivious to the scars you may have incurred along the fight , only to reach the end of it , and acknowledge them as marks of victory, marks of faith and an assurance of the Promise of Grace on your precious life .

And that’s who you truly are !

Precious in the eyes of The One who created you to use you to let His Love and Light shine through you in a world that very much needs it . You ARE precious .

A melody in the making , a rhythm so distinct that you alone possess the copyright to your own life . You  march to the beat of your own drum , yet cautious to ensure that it’s in sync with The Ultimate Rhythm of The Universe . Once assured , there is no stopping you.

Is what you are .


In the face of fire and flood , you stand firm in Him , and day after day , as He continues to breathe into you , speck upon speck of the dust you are ; you transform, you change , you metamorphosize.

You are the lion that roars , the eagle that soars , the lotus that blooms , the bird that sings . You uphold the Majesty and Wonder of The Most High . You are old yet new , mature yet child like , authentic yet accepted .

You are a Breath of Fresh Air .


#Daisaku Ikeda 🌻

” …. it is the revolution that rewrites the scenario of our destiny ….” 

A practising Nichiren Buddhist of two years , I am deeply humbled to say I have the privilege of having Daisaku Ikeda , more lovingly known to us as “Sensei” , (a  Japanese term for “mentor” ) as my Life Mentor!

He is someone who always has a “Now” word for whatever you may be facing today : a troubled relationship , distressed marriage , challenges at work , inspiration to overcome adversity or an unexpected situation that caught you by storm ! Whatever the case may be , Sensei’s Guidances are Golden , transforming multitudes of lives across the Planet 🌎 

In my experience , it is Sensei’s heart that no matter the external circumstances, and there are some rather harsh ones to contend with the challenge of which ,  I  , by no means will ever try to minimise , but truth is that in the midst of such adversity , fire and storm ; we are well able to not only effectively deal , but in fact , come up higher in life , with a life force that sometimes makes no sense : that’s what makes it all so “mystical” !

My heart is that we all find within ourselves reservoirs of strength and hope that propel us and enable us to :

Blossom forth like vibrant flowers 🌺 Shine like the Sun 🌞 Gallop like the horse 🐎 Soar like the Eagle ✨

Live Life Unrestrained!


Where art thou?

I have often wondered if we could truly learn the art of being present in the Present  , what would change?

Our relationships , our work force , our impact on the world .

With the advent of technology on a scale that is literally unimaginable , I know it’s quite a challenge to focus , be present and give our all to the one moment ahead of us , that is truly promised : the here and now .

Thoughts such as  ” what’s next ” often disorient us from our innate capacity to embrace the Here and Now with all our heart . Yet we know , deep down , this is all we have for sure . Tomorrow is never promised , and in the assurance of Eternity, my prayer is that we all learn to live in sync with the rhythm of The Universe , giving our all to all that He has for us , one step at a time , one day at a time .

You are not alone in this walk . The good news is we are all in it together : to love , support , revive and encourage each other , to lend a helping hand when we can, to be a blessing and live with the integrity of having been true to ourselves .

The joy of dreams , visions and accomplishments can only be savoured once we humble ourselves enough to pace ourselves with Our Father and gladly agree to enjoy every step of the journey , without really demanding the ABC s of His Ultimate Plan for us , trusting that as we continue to walk , it shall all manifest in time. As Scripture says ,” the just shall walk by faith and not by sight “, I hope we all together put our trust in it .

We may not know all the details yet , but if we know the One who does know , we don’t really need to know !

Let’s walk at ease today !


#SteveJobs ❤️️

Miracles don’t happen overnight 

Can He  relieve you of that with which you are struggling?


Will He?



Could be , and believe me, I’m all for overnight , split second miracles ! Nothing could bring more joy to the heart of a believer than to witness the impossible come true in a split second that shows , as Scripture records it , “this all surpassing power is from God and not from us “.

However , more often that not , He chooses a different route (in my experience)!

He is your Father , and you are His image bearer. He breathed Life into you, and with that a relationship with Him. An active , interactive, passionate relationship. A relationship that has Unconditional Love as it’s very  foundation. As such , it is unshakeable and invincible. He is The Rock , and had he given you your miracle in that split second you desired, you perhaps would have not prayed as much , fasted as much , developed as much , hoped as much, seeked as much , matured as much .  Today you can look others in the eye and in the Confidence of The One who created you , tell them that perhaps the longer , narrower path is better . That is where He chose to walk with you , talk with you , pour into your heart and spirit things no human mind can possibly fathom the power of . You have the privilege of having seen His Faithfulness in person .

You ARE His Miracle , Child !

Rest in that confidence today.